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Throwback Thursday: The Babysitters Club #6: Kristy's Big Day

Nothing to disclose.


After a short (okay, almost a year long - I'm a Gemini, it's not my fault) hiatus, and the news that our favourite group of sitters are getting a whole new TV show soon courtesy of Netflix, it's time to dive back in to our weekly recaps and see what the girls are getting up to in book six. 

Kristy Thomas (my least favourite, FYI) takes the lead in this one.

Kristy's mother Elizabeth is marrying Watson, a millionaire. He has two children, Andrew and Karen (who gets her very own very annoying spin-off series). After the wedding in September, the plan is for everyone to move across town to Watson's mansion.

But, because things going smoothly does not an interesting read make, disaster hits when Elizabeth is told she will be in Europe for work in September. Plus, OH NO, the Realtor has just found a buyer for their house. They have to bring the wedding forward immediately so they can move to Watson's.

Holy loose plot, Batman.

Co-habiting obviously is not acceptable in Stoneybrook in the late 1980s (even though Watson and Elizabeth have six children between them), so there's a huge panic and it's all hands on deck. This means that all of Elizabeth's family are coming to stay for the week to help organise a quick wedding, bringing with them a frankly ludicrous eleven children under ten. Add in Kristy's younger brother and almost step-siblings, and that makes fourteen kids - the BSC's most adventurous undertaking yet. Elizabeth and Watson are paying them a massive $120 each to watch the fourteen kids for the week.

It's fairly solid BSC stuff from there on - Karen being a massive arsehole and scaring younger kids with stories about aliens and witches and Morbidda Destiny, other kids misbehaving, etc. Eventually the wedding goes ahead without a hitch and Kristy gets to wear her gross-sounding yellow dress with "the special shoes that they can dye to match" for her role as Bridesmaid.

The special moment this week goes to the phone call from Mrs. March, which went like this:

"Hello, this is Marmee March. I need a sitter for Amy tonight, someone who has experience with little women."

If you know, you know. 

Also worth mentioning is another school dance - this time called  The Final Fling. 

This series (and SVH) served as my introduction to many, many American words and concepts, including two found here - for years I thought "hors d'oeuvres" and "orderves" were two different things, and I thought a "pocketbook" was a pocket sized book and that people in America must really love reading if they bring miniature books with them everywhere.

On to the notable outfits - given that we get very little details about Kristy's dress apart from the fact that it's yellow, the outfit spot this week has to go to the one who never lets us down, Claudia Kishi:

Claudia was wearing a black leotard & skintight red pants under a white shirt that was so big it looked like a lab coat. She had pinned her long black hair back at the sides with red clips. 

A huge bag of M&Ms under her bed in a box labelled "ARTWORK: STILL LIFS AND PORTRTTS"
A snickers in the drawer of her jewellery box
Ring Dings from the "STILL LIFS" box
A roll of Life Savers from her pocket

M&Ms and Snickers are fairly self explanatory, We've seen Ring Dings before in Book 4, and Life Savers are essentially Polo Mints and my beloved Polo Fruits that have vanished off the face of the planet. 

Until next week! Or next year, who knows.

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