As of February 2017, I have not featured any sponsored or paid posts on this website or received money in lieu of a review. This blog is not monetized with affiliate links, skimlinks or adsense. Should that change in the future, you'll be the first to know.

On occasion, products are offered to me to try out.

- I do not accept every product I am offered, only the ones I am personally interested in or the ones I think would fit with this blog. I do not request samples of every item I receive information about.

- On rare occasion, I receive items from PR companies without a prior Press Release. I consider these to be gifted items and therefore may or may not feature them on this blog.

- I have never nor will I ever accept a product in exchange for a guaranteed positive review.

- I am not sponsored, paid, or endorsed by any company or brand I mention regularly.

- The top of each post clearly states whether or not the post features product samples, proofs, ARCs, or gifted items.

- If I receive a skincare product for review, I will not feature it on this website for at least one month after I receive it in order to try it properly.

- All my reviews are honest, not just the negative ones!

- All photographs on this blog are either taken by me (watermarked), or found on royalty free image sites (artists credited where applicable). Book covers for review purposes are from Goodreads. Product images used with permission where necessary.


- In book posts where 'ARC's are mentioned, this stands for Advance Reader Copy, an early copy of a book provided to a book blogger or reviewer before the publication date. The majority of ARCs featured come from Netgalley - a website available to all (www.netgalley.com). I do not get any special preference on Netgalley, I have built up my ratio through making requests and leaving feedback.

- On occasion, I am sent a physical proof copy of a book. Receiving a book does not automatically mean I will feature it, nor does it automatically guarantee a positive review. When reviewing, I try to avoid spoilers and I don't do author bashing. Please bear in mind that books are subjective - if I love something, you may hate it, and vice versa.

- If you are an author and you would like me to read or review your book, please contact me via email (shannairl1983@hotmail.com) and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Updated February 02 2017
Sharon Leavy

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