Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday - Vampy Nails

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This week's prompt was "Vampy Nails", and it very nearly didn't happen, as I type this I still haven't got the photos taken, it's 6am and I'm waiting for the light to catch up. We're doing some decorating at home and everything's really hectic, I broke some nails yesterday cleaning so I cut them all down.

Presenting - Vampy Nubbins!

I went really simple here, I did flirt with the idea of taking it literally and going down the vampire route, but I wanted this to be wearable for a few days so I went with a base of OPI In The Cable Car-Pool Lane and added some gold square studs. I think any vamp would be happy to sport this look!

I love burgundy at this time of year, I hadn't even used this polish before but I'll definitely use it again over the next few months.

Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate last night's moon? So Halloweeny!!

If you're a fan of Halloween, keep an eye on the blog throughout October. As well as my usual Twinsie Tuesday and Monthly Reads, I'll have lots of Halloween related stuff from recipes to candles, crafts, costumes, nail art, makeup, books, movies - I am notorious for promising things and not following through but I have a LOT of drafts so here's hoping it will happen as planned!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Presents for a New Mum: What to Buy and What to Avoid!

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This is something I've been meaning to do for ages after a conversation with my cousin. "What do I buy for a new baby?" is asked a lot online too, so here are my top five presents and my top five don't-you-dares.

This is all just my opinion, it's what I loved and didn't love when I had the twins. I didn't mention Dads because I can't speak for Dads, I just know what I found brilliant and less brilliant.

Five Gifts To Buy For New Mums

5. Green Angel Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel

This might seem ridiculous, but stay with me. What all new Mums really need is sleep, but you can't get that in the shop, so instead - they need ways to help them stay awake. This eye gel was something I picked up when I needed a new eye cream and my GOD it is magical. MAGICAL. You know when you're so tired that your eyes won't stay open? A bit of this and you're wide awake. I keep it in the fridge and it's soothing, cold, fresh - just gorgeous and I wouldn't be without it. Plus, it's all natural AND it's Irish. Available from dolledup.ie, it costs €20.

4. A Fancy Travel Mug

Hear me out again. Whether you have one baby, or two babies, or ten babies, it's really hard to finish a cup of tea or coffee. I dumped so many half cups down the sink in the first two years few months - it's just an impossible task to get the time to drink it before it goes cold sometimes. Enter the travel mug - have I ever brought mine out of the house? Approximately three times ever. Do I use it every single day? You betcha. Twice. It vastly increases the amount of time your beverage stays hot. My current favourite is one I got for a measly €1 on a Dunnes sale stand, but for a gift I'd spend a bit more - The three in the photo are all under €20 (minus shipping) and they're from Littlewoods, Hippenings, and The Trendy Sparrow (shipping is a killer on that one but I WANT IT) respectively.

3. Penneys, Tesco or Next Gift Cards. 

Babies grow FAST. Vests and Babygros are boring essentials - but they are essentials, ones that people don't tend to think of when buying clothes for new babies. Some babies have really sensitive skin and aren't able to wear cheaper brands, in which case the Penneys or Tesco vouchers will come in handy for the Mum to get other stuff. Like that Penneys lip liner and the individual lashes and wooden signs telling you how gorgeous you are while you're trying to get your leg into a size 18 pair of jeans while convincing yourself that it's a 12 with the wrong label. NO, honestly, Penneys and Tesco vouchers always come in handy (provided the Mum has access to a Penneys or Tesco, obviously). Next have amazing baby clothes - their babygros were by far the best ones I had for the boys. I had just 12 Next babygros for each clothes size the boys went through and they washed so well, plus they were passed along to another baby afterwards. I can't recommend them enough, and a voucher would go a long way in Next where everything's a little pricier.

2. A Baby Snot Survival Kit

Newborns can be quite mucusy - especially c-section babies. Mine were, anyway. They got their first real snuffly cold when they were about a month old - queue a two-day hunt with two snotted-up newborns in the car doing a chemist tour to see if we could get a vaporizer or a snot-sucker (you will go to great, great lengths to clear a snuffly baby's nose, believe me). A package like this would have been a Godsend - I'm using the Vicks Vaporizer again at the minute. It's available from McCabes, the other bits and pieces are available from most chemists, I've linked Boots for handiness: Nasal Decongester, Saline Spray, Baby Olbas Oil (fine in the vaporizer or on a muslin behind the radiator, not to be used directly on or near babies under 3 months).

1. Food

I'm not even messing. Do you know when I put on most of my baby weight with the twins? After they were born. I put on almost 4 stone when I was pregnant with them and 2 came off the minute they were born. I put it all back on again in the following year, mainly because we were all so bloody tired that nobody could be bothered to cook. During the night feeds my husband developed an addiction to Coke (the drink) and Chocolate Digestives. We ate chipper food or pizza all the time - it was ridiculous. My Mam brought us up a cooked chicken one day and I almost cried, ditto the time my husband's Mam brought us a giant pot of stew. If someone had landed at my door with a week's worth of spag bol, lasagne, or stew to freeze, I think I would have divorced my husband and married them. (Do consider whether they're veggies or not though!)

Five Gifts To Avoid Buying for New Mums

5. New Baby Picture Frames

I love pictures, I love photos, I love frames. But realistically, how many 'New Baby' frames are you going to fill and put up in the house? I'm not talking about personalised prints or ones with names on, I'm talking generic ones with "It's a Boy" on it. Then if you're a sap like me you feel guilty when the baby isn't a new baby any more and you want to replace the frame with something else. I know picture frames are a go-to gift when people don't know what to buy - but if we got one we got ten, so please don't!

4. Lots of Big Person Outfits in Size 0-3 Months. 

Look! Miniature versions of adult clothes! Tiny suits! And tiny tutus! They're adorable, yes. They're gorgeous. They're gorgeous for photographs, they're gorgeous for going out, they're gorgeous. But they're not practical and they won't be worn half as often as you'd think. It's so tempting to buy all the miniature frilly dresses and jeans but very small babies need comfort, and taffeta and jeans are not comfortable. We got fancy outfits for the boys in 0-3 months and here's a secret - 0-3 month old babies don't really do much. They sleep and poo and drink and cry (pretty much what I did in college). So by the time they're alert and awake for a little longer, the cute outfits don't fit anymore. If you're buying clothes, get 3-6 or even better, 6-12 month stuff. But use your head - think ahead to what season it will be when the baby is old enough to fit into them. Someone once gave me adorable Reindeer costumes for the boys in December in sizes that wouldn't fit them until the following June. Nobody wants to see Reindeer in June.

3. Vouchers for Expensive Childrens Boutiques. 

Oh God I really don't want to sound ungrateful here, but I got a voucher for the boys for an expensive children's clothes shop for €40. Which was an incredibly generous, thoughtful, wonderful gift. But when I went into the shop, the little everyday baby tops were €20. And the little baby jeans were €25. And the little baby outfit sets were €35+. So I ended up spending €20 along with the voucher just to get two little jumpers for the boys and some overpriced socks - the thought behind it was so good and so lovely, but it was such a waste for the person who gave it to us, a €20 voucher for Penneys would have gone a lot further. Or Next! Mammies love Next!

2. Johnson & Johnson Baby Products

Absolutely not an attack on the brand, but some people seem to think that it's the best brand you can buy for babies and tend to buy an awful lot of it. I know that other people have a similar opinion to me on the brand and I'm not going to speak for them - I'll just say that I found the products too heavily perfumed for my boys, and they broke out in a rash repeatedly from using the baby bath and lotion. The baby shampoo irritated their eyes and gave them facial rashes. If you want to go down the baby product route, Bepanthen is always a great option - get the nappy cream or the moisturiser. Infacare baby bath will never be snubbed. Moo Goo have fantastic products. Also - I have never once oiled a baby (I'd be terrified they'd slither out of my hands like a bar of soap), yet I had, at one point, about 9 bottles of baby oil in the house. Don't buy baby oil.

1. Visits Without Advance Warning

A lot of new Mums feel fantastic straight away. They feel like warrior women, like they could conquer the world, and they love company and visitors. I was not one of those. We had an unnanounced visitor the day I brought the twins home from the hospital and I ended up locking myself in the bathroom crying because I was all over the place and did not want visitors. I wanted bed. Said visitor also spent a good five minutes shoving a camera in the boys' faces and deciding - out loud - who was cuter. Play the "who does the baby look like" game in your head, to us they are beautiful and precious and gorgeous but babies look like babies. Wrinkled old man babies. They don't look like anyone straight out of the womb. I had people call after 9pm to see them, I had people call before 9am to see them. Exhausted. A text or phone call an hour in advance goes a long, long way - there's nothing as bad as a glam visitor (by glam I mean dressed) when you're sitting in a dressing gown with last week's hun bun still in place. One hour in advance to attempt to look human would make the conversation a lot more fun, I promise. Or an hour to pull all the curtains and lock all the doors and pretend we're not at home. I'M JOKING. Kinda....

This is all based on my own experience, it's not meant to insult or offend or sound ungrateful. I never expected or assumed people would bring gifts, but it happens. I'd love to know what the best/worst baby gifts you've received are, or if you don't have kids, just the best/worst gifts in general that you've received.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday - A Hobby Other Than Polish

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It's my second week in the Twinsie Tuesday group, and this week our prompt was "a hobby other than polish". I thought about Cross Stitch and was going to do something along those lines until my notebook grabbed my attention - collecting stationery is a huge hobby of mine. I'm obsessed with nice notebooks, pens, sticky notes, highlighters - I want it all! So, I went with a mani inspired by my favourite Gorjuss notebook.

First, here's the notebook - I use it to keep track of books I read and quotes I want to use for reviews.

Here's what I came up with:

I did the main nails based on the spine of the book, I used Essie Frock n' Roll and sponged Essie In The Lobby on top. Then I freehanded stripes using Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Coat of Arms.

For the accent nail, I used Essie Petal Pushers as a base, sponged on some Essie Cashmere Matte Wrap Me Up, and used Petal Pushers again to do a wonky star based on the stars on the front of the girl's dress.

I like how it turned out, If I did it again I'd probably try and do a few smaller stars rather than one big star but I did it with a cocktail stick and it turned out bigger than I expected (that's what she said).

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Dupe Alert? Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade VS NYX Tame & Frame

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I fell in love with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade last year. I love how it applies, I love how it looks, and it has completely overtaken brow pencils for me almost every time I do my makeup. I like strong, dark brow and that's exactly what I get with the shade Medium Brown.

However - it's hard enough to get sometimes. Cult Beauty and Beautybay stock it, but it's just hassle ordering and waiting sometimes. Plus, it's €17.90 from Beautybay before you factor shipping in, and £15 from Cult Beauty before the ridiculous exchange rate. When I saw the NYX Tame & Frame Pomade on the Cara Pharmacy website priced at €7.75, I ordered it to my local store immediately and picked it up a few days later. I went for the darkest shade available on the site, Brunette. I've since seen a darker shade called Espresso that I'd probably have gone for instead, but this one is fine.

In the interest of fairness, I used the same type of brow brush for both - the Blank Canvas E38.

Warning - Resting Bitch Face in all these photos. (Sorry!). 

No Brow Products:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown on the Right:

Anastasia on the Right, NYX Tame & Frame Pomade on the Left.

There's actually a fair bit of shade variation between the two brands, but it's not overly noticeable on the brows. If you find Medium Brown a bit too warm for you, or if you use the shade Chocolate in the Anastasia, you might get on well with Brunette in NYX.

Overall Verdict

  •  NYX is definitely better value. It's over €10 cheaper and you get more product - 5g as opposed to Anastasia's 4g.
  • Anastasia has a much better shade selection, especially for blondes or redheads. They have 12, NYX have 5. 
  • NYX is becoming easier to get - it's stocked on a number of websites including Stauntons, Meaghers, Cara Pharmacy, McCabes, Sam McCauley, Littlewoods, plus it's available in lots of stores nationwide.
  • The Anastasia is a more solid product. The NYX seems to be a little lighter in consistency, like a gel/mousse hybrid. It seems easier to blend. This may solidify over time as my Anastasia has done. 
  • The NYX takes a little longer to set than the Anastasia. 
So, Are They Dupes? Well, it's incredibly close. Both are waterproof. Both stay put all day. Both apply flawlessly with a good brush. Both give a long-lasting effect. Both look the same. Both perform the same. I had to keep going back and checking my photo names because I couldn't remember which brand was on which brow. Neither rubbed off on my fingers. Both products have very, very similar ingredients. If you can find a shade to suit you in the NYX, I'd recommend picking it up. 

I'll use up my Anastasia, and I'll hunt down the Espresso shade in the NYX. If it's the cool dark brown I'm after, we have a new winner and my days of importing Pomade are behind me. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Beauty Awards Winners Box from Latest in Beauty

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Yesterday, I showed you the most recent Glamour collaboration with Latest in Beauty, a company who provide really great one-off beauty boxes throughout the year as opposed to a subscription service. I wanted to show you this one today while both are still available to buy, so let's get to it:

My first thought upon opening this box was "how the hell did they fit all that in there?" - I tried to put everything back in afterwards and I couldn't get it closed, it is FULL of products.

As usual, pricing info and links to buy are under the pictures.

Cult Classic: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + 

Full or Sample: Full Size, 40ml | Price: €17.99 | Available: Boots

Definitely worthy of its cult status, this is an anti-blemish cream that really works wonders on the appearance of spots and blemishes. This is the sole reason I bought the box - a brilliant, brilliant product. 

Skincare Saviour: Burt's Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream

Full or Sample: Full Size, 170g | Price: €13.99 | Available: Boots

The only Burt's Bees products that I've ever tried are their lip balms, so I was really happy to see this cleanser in the box. I love trying new cleansers and makeup removers, so will be using this after I finish my Nia balm. It smells gorgeous and it has the consistency of a thick hand cream, which is unusual for a cleanser.

Hottest Haircare: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Full or Sample: Sample 20ml | Price: €5.37 approx | Available: Feel Unique

There was a limited edition of the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer in the Glamour box from yesterday, this is a smaller size and it's the original version. It's an intensive pre-shampoo treatment for hair that promises an improvement in elasticity and appearance.

Green Award: Dr. Organic Snail Gel Facial Serum

Full or Sample: Full Size, 30ml | Price: €15.00 | Available: Holland and Barrett

Snail secretion has been around in the skincare business in Asia for a while now. Some people are really queasy at the the thought of putting snail slime on their faces, but I have no issue with it - I've already reviewed Nature Republic's Snail Therapy BB Cream, one of my favourites. The process of how the secretion is collected is explained in the video below. The product itself feels like a light runny moisturiser, smells like lemongrass, and promises an improvement in the appearance and hydration of skin over 4 weeks.

Best Newcomer - Zoella Beauty Fresh Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer

Full or Sample:  Full Size, 200g | Price: €6.35 | Available: Meaghers

I'm not familiar with Zoella but her range seems to be very fresh and young, this bath fizzer is no different - I'm sure my eldest son will love it, he's a big fan of bath bombs. This is divided into chunks like a bar of chocolate which I thought was a great idea, you can break off a chunk or two and save the rest for the next time. Smells gorgeous too.

Must-Have Makeup: Burt's Bees Lip Crayon

Sample or Full: Full Size, 3.11g. | Price: €14 | Available: Littlewoods

This is a matte lip crayon that's infused with Shea Butter. I got the shade 'Sedona Sands', a really wearable 90s brown nude. It feels slightly waxy on the lips but it's not drying. Not entirely sure how I feel about it but it does give great payoff so I'll probably wear it but maybe not in the winter months when my lips are less puckered pout and more puckered arse.

Body Beautiful: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil for Body & Hair 

 Sample or Full: Full Size, 50g | Price: €15 | Available: The Body Shop (instore)

This was a real treat to get because The Body Shop products are so expensive over here. This miracle solid oil can be used all over - on lips, rough skin, hair - wherever you want to stick it. Within reason. It smells lovely and it's a very welcome addition at this time of year!

Blogger's Choice Award: COLAB Sheer & Invisible Dry Shampoo in Monaco

Full or Sample: Mini, 50ml | Price: €1 approx | Available: Simply Foxy

I was so happy when I saw this would be in the box as I've only ever been able to find one travel size before (the one with the black lid) and I just finished it the other day. I love dry shampoo, and this one doesn't leave a residue. I just discovered while looking for a price that Simply Foxy have some of the full sizes so I'll definitely be grabbing some in my next order!

Best Eye Makeup: Eye of Horus Brown Liquid Define

Full or Sample: Full Size, 0.55ml | Price: €18.92 | Available: Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus are a brand I've reviewed here before. They've also popped up in another beauty box and I don't know how I ended up with two Bronze Amulet Goddess pencils but anyway - I'm waffling - this eyeliner is a pen-style liner and it is unbelievable. It's just so pigmented, so easy to use, and so flattering. Keep an eye out for some Eye of Horus news among the Irish Blogging Community over the next week or so - it's good news. 

Here's a quick swatch of the Burts Bees crayon and one swipe of the Eye of Horus liner: 

The LIB Beauty Awards Winners 2015 box is still available, it costs £21.95 + £3.95 postage, for a total of £25.90 or €35.50 - I bought both of my beauty boxes together so only had to pay one postage charge. The complete euro value of all the products in this box is a massive €107.62. 

If you want to order, you can do so here. Remember if you're ordering from Ireland, you'll need to use Parcel Motel. I have a post about how Parcel Motel works here


Friday, September 18, 2015

Latest in Beauty Glamour Beauty Power List 2015.

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I've spoken about the Latest in Beauty boxes here before - I genuinely think they are the very best beauty boxes out there - or at least the very best ones available to us here in Ireland. A bit of housekeeping out of the way first - you will need to use Parcel Motel to order them, they don't post to Ireland. I have a post explaining how Parcel Motel works here.

I bought two boxes recently - The Latest in Beauty Award Winners 2015 box, and the Glamour Beauty Power List 2015.

Today I thought I'd show you the Glamour one, and I'll show you the Award Winners one tomorrow. As with all my beauty box reviews, details of pricing and links to where you can find the products are under each photo.

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream

Full or Sample: Full, 50ml | Price: Currently €10.99 (as of September 18th) | Available at: Boots

This was what prompted me to buy this box. Much loved by Lorraine from John It's Only Makeup, I've wanted to try this for ages and I was delighted to see it here. I'm currently using up a Trilogy night cream that I bought because Caroline Hirons recommended it (hang on, are you jumping off a cliff? Wait for me!) and it's just not for me, so when it's finished I'll be dipping into this.

Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood Base Coat

Full or Sample: Full, 14ml | Price: €18 | Available: Brown Thomas

While I'm not a huge fan of Nails Inc polishes - I think they're overpriced - I love trying new nail treatments and I'm really glad this was in here. Infused with Kale protein, this apparently helps to strengthen the nails. Could be a total gimmick but the worst thing that could happen is nothing, right?

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask

Full or Sample: Sample, 10ml | Price: €5.61 approx | Available: Cloud Ten Beauty

This is a hydrating night mask that also provides a buildable, natural tan. I haven't tried this yet because I'm so afraid of tan on my face, but I will give it a go.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara - Midnight Blue

Full or Sample: Sample, 4ml | Price: €8.71 approx | Available: ASOS

Available in a choice of blue or black, I got the blue one in my box. I've had a few Eyeko bits in beauty boxes before, and they've always been good quality. I'm not sure if I can pull blue mascara off but we'll see! The black version of this is much loved by celebs the world over, so I'm hopeful for this one.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Supershine Nail Polish

Full or Sample: Full, 8ml | Price: €4.99 | Available: Boots

Available in a number of different shades, I got the shade 'Glaston-Berry' from the Rita Ora range. This is a cherry red cream with a high shine - I never buy red nail polish so this is a welcome addition to the stash for nail art purposes. I already have a couple of the Rita Ora polishes and they're brilliant (except the yellow one).

Philip Kingsley Geranium & Neroli Elasticizer

Full or Sample: Sample, 40ml | Price: €11.67 approx | Available: Feel Unique

This is a pre-shampoo treatment for hair. It improves manageability and adds shine. This scent is gorgeous - a mix of geranium, neroli, rose, lavender and orange, it's inspired by holidays in Italy. For very dry hair, it's recommended to lightly dampen your hair, massage the product in, and leave in overnight. Really, really looking forward to trying this!

Kiko Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush

Full or Sample: Full, 10g | Price: €7.90 | Available: KIKO

KIKO is a brand that often crops up in these Glamour boxes. I got shade number 07, 'Natural Rose' - it's a light mauve colour with great payoff (I'll show you a swatch further down the page). I'm still a bit scared of creamy blushes, but this isn't too scary. I still wouldn't wallop it on straight out of the stick without blending, but it's a nice alternative to powder blushers. 

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

Full or Sample: Full, 3g | Price: €10.99 | Available: Boots

I received the shade 'Gladiolus', a bright blue-based red. These lipsticks are a gel consistency, and they are true to the shade in the bullet. One coat gives a bright, vibrant, really pigmented lip. Unfortunately I don't wear red lipstick but I love how this feels and it's almost worth buying one just so you can hear the click when you twist the lipstick back down. The definition of satisfaction... This is very fragranced, it's kind of a perfumey smell, not off-putting to me but some may not like it. 

Here's a quick swatch of the Revlon lippie and the KIKO blush:

And that's it - the box costs £18.99 + £3.95 postage, which works out at £22.94 or one thousand euro with the current exchange rate. Ah no, it's just over €30. You can order it here but you'll need to use Parcel Motel. I do think it's good value - if I were to order everything seperately today I'd be paying €78.86 - not a bad deal there at all for some genuinely great brands. If I had to change one thing I'd stop putting red lip products in any beauty boxes, there are so many people who don't wear red.

Anything tempting you? Check back tomorrow for the Award Winners one!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday - Inspired by Your BFF


Twinsie Tuesday is a collaboration between several amazing nail bloggers. It has been running for a while, and I've always loved following Róisín's posts to see what she comes up with, so when the opportunity cropped up to join the group, I applied and was over the moon to be accepted.

This has all taught me one thing - my nail art skills are SO RUSTY. Like, rusty nail in rusty toolbox in rusty iron shed rusty. I could just about remember how to use striping tape here. I'd love to be one of those people who keeps everything glam and classy, but alas - I am all about that tack, so for this theme I wanted something fun.

I don't really have a BFF - my husband is my best friend but I wasn't going to start attempting beer or tractors on my nails, so I totally cheated on my first week and went for a famous pair of BFFs instead.

Behold, Bert and Ernie. And the duck.

Why does everything look so awful on camera!! I promise this isn't as bad in reality, my stripes ran slightly after I applied Essie's Matte About You topcoat. It looks much better if you squint.

If you want to see some ACTUAL skills, please do check out the other ladies in the group. They all do much, much more presentable things than this. Hopefully my nail art will improve as the weeks go on!

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