Monday, July 27, 2020

Blog Tour - The Kids Are Gonna Ask by Gretchen Anthony

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I have a couple of Blog Tour spots coming your way over the next few weeks, as well as some other book related stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to restart the Babysitters Club recaps again soon, I think I may finally have the collage situation under control!

Today I'm focusing on The Kids are Gonna Ask by Gretchen Anthony. 

The death of Thomas and Savannah McClair's mother turns their world upside down. Raised to be fiercely curious by their grandmother Maggie, the twins become determined to learn the identity of their biological father. And when their mission goes viral, an eccentric producer offers them a dream platform: a fully sponsored podcased called "The Kids are Gonna Ask". To discover the truth, Thomas and Savannah begin interviewing people from their mother's past and are shocked when the podcast ignites in popularity. As the attention mounts, they get caught in a national debate they never asked for - but nothing compares to the mayhem that ensues when they find him. 

I really, really enjoyed this book. I thought the plot was current, and really fresh. As a fan of podcasts, I could see myself listening to something like this - it really made me think about the morality of some of the ones I DO listen to (cough*ToLiveAndDieInLA*cough). We, as a society, are so desperate to know the intimate details of each others lives, that every single undisclosed piece of information, unsolved case or mystery drives people to do hours and hours of deep dives, research, and brew conspiracy theories. It's so easy to find someone now, due to advances in technology, DNA and public social media profiles. This made the story really believable and engaging. 

I enjoyed Maggie, the matriarch of the family, immensely. She struck me as someone who would have lived an incredibly colourful, interesting life, and her dinner parties would have been legendary. I liked the social commentary, which came in the form of the twins juggling their normal lives and their new-found digital fame, and I appreciated that the author also touched on the treatment of young women in the media and how harmful viral content can sometimes be. 

I'd recommend this to anyone who wants something different from their fiction, if any of us were going on holiday I'd say bring it with you, but I enjoyed it every bit as much just sitting on my couch. 


The Kids are Gonna Ask is published on July 28th and can be found (or ordered in) at any good bookstore, your local library, or at the links below. 

You can keep up to date with the author on her Website, or follow her on Twitter or Instagram

Thank you to Harlequin & Park Row Books for having me as part of their Summer Reads Blog Tour.