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Blog Tour: Twin Games in Music City by Jules Bennett (+Excerpt)

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As part of the Harlequin Spring Fling series, today I have a cute little shot of pure escapism for you to enjoy. 

Twin Games in Music City is set among the bustling world of Nashville's finest country musicians, where two record labels in the haven of Beaumont Bay compete for the best artists. Country star Hannah Banks has recently moved labels, hoping that her new deal will allow her more freedom with her image and the kind of music she records. Unfortunately for Hannah, she falls hard and fast for the label owner, Will. The feeling is mutual, but Hannah and Will getting involved with each other could mean the death of both Hannah's career and Will's reputation. 

The "twin" in the title is Hallie, Hannah's sister & manager, who, despite a bit of twin-swapping at the start, thankfully doesn't feature in the actual romance (that's a genre even I won't go near). This is sweet. There are sex scenes, but they're not very explicit and there's no mention of any appendages. It's a fast read, no shocking surprises, perfect if you need to clear your head for an hour or two. I think if you enjoy those insta-romance movies Netflix promotes at Christmas, you might like this. 

I did feel like the parts about Hannah's music kind of dropped off, I felt that was somewhat unresolved, but this is a series so maybe that will be mentioned in a future installment. The ending was also rushed, but that's also not unusual for a book like this. My patience for anything involving straight white men is on the floor at the moment, so Will didn't really interest me at all but I liked the Nashville setting, I liked Hannah & Hollie, and I probably would read something else written by this author if I needed something light to escape into. 

Harlequin have kindly provided an excerpt which you can read below. Thank you to the publishers for continuing to have me on their tours. 

  Twin Games in Music City is available now. 

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Will Sutherland settled into the corner leather booth and watched as Hallie Banks wound her way through the tables at Rise and Grind. 

This little meeting shouldn't already have him irritated, but it did. Will didn't want to meet with Hallie - he wanted to meet with her twin sister, Hannah. 

But obviously, Hannah Banks, country superstar and America's sweetheart, couldn't be bothered with such mundane things as setting up her recording schedule for the next album or going over the tour dates and venues. 

He'd only met her a handful of times in passing at various events within the industry. Will had always found her attractive; he'd have to be dead not to. Hannah Banks could  make any man do a double take and he was no different. 

As far as knowing her personally, he couldn't really say much, but this first official meeting wasn't going as planned. 

Her selfish way of thinking might have worked for her old record label, but now that she'd signed with Elite, she was going to have to accept the very real fact that she wasn't in charge. He was. 

Hallie offered a soft smile and reached to shake his hand. "Good morning. Have you been waiting long?"

Will came to his feet and gripped her hand, surprised by how soft and delicate she seemed. He didn't recell noticing Hallie's hands before... and he shouldn't be noticing them now. 

"I just got here myself." He gestured to the seat across from him. "Please, sit."

She put her bag in the vacant seat and settled into the chair with curved arms. A barista came right over to take their orders before leaving them alone again.

"So where did you say Hannah was and why couldn't she make it today?" he asked, hoping to get a direct answer this time.

Hallie blinked up at him. "Oh, I didn't say. She just asked me to meet you. After we talk, I will go over the schedule with her. She did request that she record in her home studio, so that was the main thing I'm supposed to tell you."

Of course. Will shouldn't have been surprised, though. Since that horrific storm had swept through Beaumont Bay only a few weeks ago, the town was still trying to recover. It was all hands on deck in this Nashville bedroom community to rebuild the multimillion-dollar homes that had taken a hit and the few businesses that had been affected.

The Bay wouldn't stay down long This lakeside community was where Nashville came to play, where all the deals were done, where the country music elite hid their juciest secrets. And it was a town that legendary music producer Mags Dumond pretty much owned...or thought she did.

But the Sutherland brothers had made a name for themselves in the music industry by pulling themselves up by the bootstraps...and staying out of Mags's way for the most part. The woman had been a thorn in his family's side for decades, but he refused to think about that now. The next step in building his family's music empire was his new star, Hannah Banks, and finishing the renovations to the studio that had been damaged.

"I would have to check out Hannah's recording studio before I could commit to that agreement," Will informed Hallie. "We are going to have to start the production process next week to keep up with the deadlines. Tell Hannah I'll be at her house first thing in the morning to check out this recording room of hers."

Hallie pursed her pale pink lips and shook her head. "Tomorrow morning won't work." She pulled out her phone and scrolled, then tapped her finger on the screen. "How about Tuesday at ten?"

Considering this was Friday, there was no way in hell he was waiting until Tuesday. Will pulled in a deep breath and sighed. Was Hallie going to be just as difficult as the country diva? The pout of her lips said yes, and something hard and dark moved inside him.

And that's when he knew something was off here. 

"I'm not sure how things went when she worked for Mags at Cheating Hearts, but now that she's with Elite, I run the schedule and say when things are going to get done."

Halile's eyes narrowed. "Is that right? Well, maybe I should've just stayed with Cheating Hearts." Will inched forward, resting his hands on the table. "Hannah? Are you kidding me?"

She cursed beneath her breath and Will gritted his teeth. He'd known something felt off, but he'd never thought for a second his newest artist would play such a childish game as to pretend to be her twin. No way in hell would he fall for this swapped-twin trap. Hannah Banks was about to learn who was in charge real quick. 

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