Monday, March 1, 2021

Blog Tour: His Secret Starlight Baby by Michelle Major

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This is the second of three blog tour spots I'm doing for Harlequin's March 2021 releases. 

This one is a Harlequin Special Edition

This is His Secret Starlight Baby by Michelle Major.

This is the fourth book set in the small town of Starlight. I haven't read any of the others, but based on this I absolutely would, because I really liked some of the supporting characters (especially the chef, Madi). 

I have two notes for this underlined in my notebook: 
1. "confirmed consent - YAY!"
2. "the baby barely makes an appearance - YAY!"

I'm a mother of three, I have nothing against babies but I'm much more interested in how the couple are getting on (or off, fnar fnar). This was a sweet story, about (what else) an error in communication after a one-night-stand that led Cory to believe that Jordan wanted nothing to do with her, and Jordan convinced that Cory had gone back to her wealthy NFL Player ex. 

Of course, none of the above is true, and these two just need something to bring them back together. The something being Jordan's mother, who wants to come and stay with them for a while in Starlight to get to know her Grandchild. Queue a fake relationship, one of my fave things in a romance novel, and a cute story about these two getting to know and care for each other again. 

The ending was a little rushed and chaotic for me, sometimes everything doesn't need to be wrapped up with a neat little bow - it's enough to know that the ribbon has been ordered, if you get me? 

Cute, fun, just what the doctor ordered. 

His Secret Starlight Baby is available now.

Kindle (UK/Ire) | (US)

Book 1 in the Welcome to Starlight series, The Best Intentions is currently available on Borrowbox. 

You can keep up with Michelle Major by visiting her website or following her on Instagram @michellemajorauthor or Twitter @michelle_major1.

If you are interested in more Harlequin or Mills & Boon books, there are currently a ton on sale at Bookstation, with free delivery within Ireland on orders over €10. If you've never tried one before but would like to, I highly suggest having a look through the titles and seeing if something grabs you. If ever there was a time where a bit of romance and escapism was needed, this is it!

Thank you to Harlequin for having me on the Blog Tour. 

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