Friday, October 9, 2020

Spooky Reading Recs for Children under 10 & Level 3 Library Info


I recently posted my own Halloween reading recommendations and TBR pile for October. Do you think I've read a single one of them yet? Guess. 

This is a childrens edition in case you want to read some spooky books with/to your children during Spooky Season. The library is a brilliant resource when it comes to Halloween books for children, because they have such a huge selection to suit all ages. Personally, I used to borrow so many Goosebumps, Fear Street and Point Horror as a kid (which would still all be perfect for a pre-teen to read now).

Ireland is currently under Level 3 Restrictions, which unfortunately means that libraries are not open for browsing. However, at the time of posting this, libraries ARE still in operation for click and collect or delivery in some areas (Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown are currently delivering books to coccooners, for example). You can check the Libraries Ireland Twitter account or have a look at your own County library website for more information, but please do continue to use the library during this time. You can also join the library free online at any time of the day or night, and you can use the free Borrowbox app for audiobooks and ebooks on your phone or tablet. 

Let's get straight into the books. All of these would be suitable for children under the age of ten, some are scary and some are not, I'll let you know which is which. All bookshops linked are non-affiliate links to independent Irish bookshops. 

ROOM ON THE BROOM by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler

The witch and her cat are having a great time flying round on her broom until she loses some of her belongings and needs the help of some animals to help her find them. In return, the animals want a ride on the broom, but is there room? This book doesn't have anything scary in it. 


Join the vampire as he takes us on a tour all around Dublin City, home of Bram Stoker. This is a gorgeous new book with beautiful illustrations depicting some of the famous City sights. There's nothing scary in this book. 

SCARY EDWIN PAGE by Alec Sillifant, illustrated by Daniel Postgate

Edwin Page loves to scare people. His hair is blacker than the night, and he loves Halloween more than anything. Nothing scares Edwin - until he knocks on the door of a nice old lady...
This one is a little scary, the old lady is actually a bug lady and scares Edwin so much that his hair turns white, so if your child is very nervous then stay away from it. My boys are gross and adored it. I bought this book in Dealz, so please do have a look in their book section because they always have really cute Halloween and Christmas books for €1.49.

MR. MEN HALLOWEEN PARTY by Roger Hargreaves & Adam Hargreaves

Lots of the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters are having a party. Everyone has their own cool costume, but who is the spooky ghost?? This one isn't scary and is suitable for a 6+ year old to read on their own.

THIS BOOK IS NOT A BEDTIME STORY by Eoin McLoughlin, illustrated by Rob Starling

A very sweet book about some monsters who think they're very scary, but are actually very loveable and cuddly. They tell stories about a haunted house, a creepy wood, and lots of other spooky places - but they're not spooky at all. Spoiler alert - it kinda IS a bedtime story, it's not a scary book.

If you are on the hunt for Halloween books for young children (why else would you be reading this) then you can find LOADS in a similar vein to the ones above by typing "Halloween" into the search bar on They have hundreds of books, all priced really reasonably, with free delivery. 

There's also, Ireland's largest second hand online book retailer. This is where you'll find books you probably read yourself as a kid - Goosebumps, the Buffy TV tie-ins, Point Horror (search by author, like R.L. Stine or Caroline B Cooney), and more. Prices start at only a couple of euro, you're shopping sustainably AND supporting a small Irish business. The search function can be a little funny so I recommend a good old fashioned browse through your preferred genres instead. Delivery is free on orders over €20.

Do let me know if you have any Halloween reading traditions or any books you love to read every year at Halloween!

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