Monday, July 10, 2017

Booktube-a-thon 2017 Information & TBR

Nothing to Disclose


It's that time of the year again already! This will be my fourth year taking part - essentially it's a week long Readathon kicked off by Ariel Bissett that includes YouTube challenges, Instagram challenges, Twitter reading sprints, competitions - it's a great community event (the community just happen to be scattered all over the world). I love seeing this grow, it gets bigger and better every year. It's so heartwarming to see more and more young people develop a love of reading.

This year it will run from July 24th - 30th (so midnight on the Friday night to midnight on the following Sunday night). I'm away for one day so hopefully I'll be able to fit all the challenges into six days! I haven't managed to complete all seven challenges since the first year I took part.

You can see my posts from previous years here:

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The prompts for this year are good, I'm excited for most of them (one of them less so):

There's one "official" book this year, a book that has been chosen for everyone to read if they'd like to. I think that's a nice idea, to include something that loads of us can read at the same time. I'm not telling you which one it is, but you can watch the Booktube-a-thon channel to find out!

Here are my picks this year:


Will I be able to read them all in under a week? Probably not. Will I lose my reading mojo and sit in despair for most of the week? Probably. Will I change my mind multiple times and end up reading only one on this list? Possibly. Will I forget completely about twitter sprints and end up coming in for the last few minutes? Every.Single.Year. But - it's so much fun.

So - are you going to join in this year? You don't have to be a Blogger or YouTuber, you don't have to buy anything, you don't have to complete the challenges. It's about reading together, trying to read more, and enjoying books together all over the world.

If you're taking part, please let me know!

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  1. I'm looking forward to it this year! I've just written my post with my TBR so it's really motivated me. I like your picks, there's a good mix. And we have one overlap (two if your count authors!). I always forget about the twitter sprints too!


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