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Blog Tour: Blood Sisters by Jane Corry

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This is the thirteenth stop on the blog tour for Jane Corry's second release, Blood Sisters. I reviewed Jane's debut book My Husband's Wife here last year - so I'm delighted to be part of this tour. I received a copy of the book to review, thanks to Annie at Penguin.

Blood Sisters is Jane Corry's second book, and is a psychological thriller. 


One morning, three young girls go to school. Only two return. 

Fifteen years later, Kitty is in full time residential care due to severe brain damage sustained on that fateful day. She can barely move or speak, communicating only in noises. Alison teaches art, and struggles with self harm. She takes up a new job as an art teacher in an open prison, but someone is watching her - do they know what really happened fifteen years ago? And why does Kitty get frightened when the flabby-faced man visits her?


I liked this, once it got going it grabbed me and I finished it in one sitting. I haven't read many (or possibly any) psychological thrillers that let us hear from a character who can't speak in reality - I really liked Kitty's chapters, they were a fantastic insight into a character with additional needs and added a fresh voice to the story. I liked Kitty, she was feisty and opinionated, angry and passionate. 

I liked Alison too, but I did have to suspend disbelief at one or two parts of her story. There's a couple of upsetting scenes in here, the book does contain fairly graphic descriptions of rape and self harm - but I thought both subjects were handled well. 

Overall I preferred this to the author's first book - and if it keeps going in that direction, I can't wait to see what she does next. The fact that the author has experience of working in a prison made this one all the more real, I felt the claustrophobia - plus, some of the prisoners were genuinely very scary. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at a painting of a cat in the same way again....

Blood Sisters was released on June 29th, you can order it here:

Jane Corry: Blood Sisters


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