Friday, May 26, 2017

Owlcrate May 2017: Comic Explosion

Nothing to Disclose


This month's theme was Comic Explosion and promised a range of goodies all related to the comic theme, including a full size Funko Pop figure. I almost skipped this month, but the Funko reeled me back in.

As you can see, I got the Loki Funko. The other options were (going by Instagram) - Harley Quinn, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon, Batman and Captain America. I would have loved Wonder Woman, but my son was delighted to add Loki to his collection.

The book choice this month is Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia. The cover is exclusive to Owlcrate, as will be the case for the next five boxes (at least). This is a story about a shy teenager named Eliza, who has built another world for herself online. There, she is Lady Constellation, the anonymous creator of a popular online comic. When one of the comic's superfans transfers to Eliza's school and starts to ask questions, she is afraid that everything she has built could now be at risk.

This sounds similar to Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here by Anna Breslaw, which I really enjoyed. Both deal with online alter-egos and fandoms. Eliza also contains some sketches and illustrations from the comic, so I'm looking forward to reading it.

As well as the book, we received a letter from the author, a signed bookplate and an exclusive print.

The merchandise this month was....interesting.

Käfe Premium Coffee Candy
Vile. Just - beyond words. I don't know what on earth possessed whoever chose these to include them - they are coffee candies, they taste like a coffee bean. Put a teaspoon of coffee granules straight into your mouth and you'll have the same taste - just truly bizarre. This is, interestingly, the first edible item I've received since I subscribed last year (apart from flavoured teas). Even to someone who has a coffee intake that could rival a Gilmore - I hated this, truly hated it.

Ooly Comic Attack Pen
One of those cheap multicoloured pens we used to use in primary school. Somewhat handy for journalling, but not an impressive item.

Zipper Pull and Badge, both by Owlcrate
I'm building up a nice collection of badges and pins so badges are always welcome. I love the Owlcrate ones - but the zipper pull is again, a cheap plastic item akin to something you'd get in a lucky bag. I suppose it could be used as a keyring instead.

Wonder Woman Candle by Dio Candle Company
An exclusive mini candle inspired by Wonder Woman and her "tropical island home". This is cute - very small, but smells nice, if you like sweet scents. This will be the last candle for a few months due to the heat and risk of melting.

The last thing in the box apart from the little card explaining everything and the spoiler card for next month (Make it out Alive is the theme for June) was a one-chapter excerpt from an upcoming graphic novel. Afar is about a fifteen year old girl who can astral project to other planets.

Lads, I'll be honest, I adore Owlcrate but I didn't think this box was up to scratch at all. The book, funko and candle were great - but the rest was just cheap tat. Considering I pay almost €50 for this - nope. Allowing €30 for the book and Funko, I paid €20 for a pen, badge, plastic zip pull and a small bag of horribly niche sweets.

The spoiler item for next month is a bath bomb - I don't use them, but my son does so this doesn't put me off too much. I can only hope that this May box was a one-off slip in quality, considering the other boxes I've had - otherwise my love affair with this box will have to end.


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