Friday, February 17, 2017

Five Star Friday: Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard

Nothing to Disclose


This is a series that I started last year and (as usual) forgot about - but I want to bring it back to let people know about some books that I think are really good. I often get asked for recommendations so hopefully this series will be useful!

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For this week, I want to focus on Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard.

Published | May 2016
Page Count | 352
Genre(s) | Thriller | Mystery | Psychological Thriller

Shortlisted for Crime Novel of the Year at BGE Irish Book Awards 2016

Adam Dunne lives with his girlfriend Sarah in Co. Cork. Adam is a writer who has just landed a lucrative deal - but celebrations are put on hold while Sarah travels to Barcelona for work. When nobody hears anything from Sarah after she departs, Adam begins to worry - did she really go to Spain? Why hasn't anyone heard from her? Has something happened or has she just left him? When Sarah's passport arrives in the post with a vague note, Adam is determined to track her down and find out what's going on. His search leads him to a cruise ship, where something definitely isn't right - and finds out that Sarah may not be the first woman to disappear.

At the time of reading this, my twins were 2 years old. Sleep was (and is) incredibly precious to me. I set an alarm for the early morning to get up before them to finish reading this book - if that doesn't tell you how addictive it is, I don't know how else to explain it. The pacing is perfect, it's full of tension, the drama is realistic and it throws up an awful lot of questions as to how cases are dealt with off land. The characters are well developed (even minor ones), the sub-plot is believable, the whole thing is just really well written and very much worth a read if you like this genre but are sick of the same old plots being rehashed over and over. It's fresh and clever. This is one of the first books I mention when someone asks for a solid thriller recommendation.

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