Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Owlcrate Unboxing August 2016

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Last month, I received my first Owlcrate box from a three-month subscription. I was delighted with it, but also a little apprehensive that the next box wouldn't be as good - I needn't have worried.

The theme for the August box was "Fast Times at YA High" - a nod to this cult 80s flick starring Sean Penn. It was packed full of goodies:

The book for this month was P.S. I Like You by Kasie West - a YA romance story about a girl and boy who converse via notes and letters (so very old school, eh?). Also included was a letter from the author, and a signed bookplate. There was a signed bookplate with last month's choice too - I just stuck it to the inside of the book, I did the same with this one.

The Harry Potter side of things was covered with this gorgeous print by Susanne Draws - created exclusively for this box. This is crying out for a frame! There was a badge too, created by Taryn Knight.

There was a large adult colouring book included, along with a packet of colouring pencils. I have to admit that even though I was a huge fan of colouring growing up, I lost interest when it became "a thing". I don't find mandala patterns really relaxing, I find them stressful because I hate fiddly things - but I do have a Harry Potter colouring book that I really like and I have a willing recipient for this one.

There was a second badge, and a great little notebook made from recycled materials:

Finally, there was an exclusive piece of jewellery made by the folks at Owlcrate. It's based on the YA favourite Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell and it's very, very cute.

Lastly, there was a cute information card for this box and a spoiler for next month... do you want to see?

The theme of the September box will be "Darkness", and it will contain a "spooky and peculiar" item from Out of Print, something related to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.


I adore this box. I've already ended three other subscriptions so that I can afford it again when my current sub runs out in October, I think it's well worth the €40 odd a month (recently published hardback books are nearly €20, never mind the other stuff). There's a discount code too - use WELCOME15 for 15% off your first order at www.owlcrate.com.

Can I just say too, that I love the way Owlcrate treat their International customers. I got a shipping notice yesterday and received my box today. From America! I love how we're not left waiting for weeks, it makes a huge difference to be able to join in the unboxing fun at the same time as everyone else (or in some cases, even before).

Bring on September!


  1. Really nice to see what was inside.

  2. Ah this is amazing! I love the Harry Potter print and the Eleanor and Park necklace is adorable. And I like the idea of that book, I love books written in letters and notes so I might have to check it out myself

  3. Ah never even heard of this - looks deadly. Siobhan xx

  4. I've ordered the August box this month too (thanks to your review last month!) So excited to get this in the post!! xx

  5. So many cute products. This is a very nice box content!


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