Friday, June 17, 2016

Five Star Friday #3 - Sweet Home by Carys Bray

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Every so often, usually a Sunday, I like to take a few hours for myself and spend them browsing different book websites, stocking up my Kindle, and adding to my always-growing TBR pile. One such Sunday, I came across this collection of short stories by Carys Bray, author of A Song for Issy Bradley.

Published | 2012
Page Count | 156
Genre(s) | Fiction, Short Story, Contemporary, Magical Realism

A collection of 17 short stories themed around family or parenting. There's a fairytale element to some (The Ice Baby, a story about a man who carves a much-wanted baby from ice to please his wife), but overall it's a fascinating take on family and the various trials and tribulations parents go through. Stand out stories include "The Rescue", in which a father is trying to save his son from the grip that drugs hold over him; "Love: Terms and Conditions", where a mother is determined not to make the same mistakes her own parents did, and "The Countdown", which takes a look at the worries of a first time father. Some of the stories are not for the faint of heart - they can get very, very dark and touch on subjects that may be uncomfortable for some to read about.

Even though some of the stories had a slight fantasy element to them and others veered into very dark territory, this was a relatable, interesting collection. At the core, most parents worry about the same things. Whether their children will fall in with the wrong crowd (whether or not their children are the wrong crowd), bullying, drugs, making mistakes, repeating history - each story is a slice of someone's life and gives just enough information about them so that we can get a feel, a snapshot, a few moments in their head.

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