Saturday, April 4, 2015

Books I Read in March


Oh lads. March was an awful month for reading. I got addicted to Dawson's Creek DVDs and I broke out a Dimensions cross stitch kit that I got for Christmas (this one) - there was no time at all for reading, unfortunately! I only managed to finish four books this month, a pitiful total for me. As usual, I managed to make time to buy more books - I bought at least 20, when I'm going to read them is anyone's guess!

Here are the ones I finished in March.

Book Club

Takashi Hiraide - The Guest Cat
A beautiful story translated from Japanese about a cat that comes into the life of a young American couple living in Japan. Slow moving and descriptive, I found it inherently boring and couldn't wait to finish it. I feel like a bit of a heathen because the writing was so pretty, but the main character drove me nuts. He never even bothered to give his wife a name, yet obsessed over someone else's cat. I know that there was a lot going on under the surface - it was probably more about the couple than the cat but my god, no. Didn't enjoy it at all.

David Sedaris - Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls
I've had this a while so I was delighted when it was picked as a book club read. The first half didn't win me over - sometimes I don't get David, and it takes me a while to just relax into his stories, but when I got to the "Obama!!" chapter it really took off for me. With great observations on people at airports, rants about how long it takes for official paperwork to be sorted out, and how hard it is to find a decent taxidermy owl - the second half of this book was very funny. It also contained this brilliant quote:

Books Sent to Review

Sheena Lambert - The Lake
I was lucky enough to be invited to read a couple of books this month - this being one of them. This is set in Ireland in the 70s, and surrounds the discovery of a body in a small rural town. It was really good and I hope that the author revisits the town and characters in the future. You can read my full review of The Lake here.


Hugh Howey - Dust
The third and final installment in the Wool trilogy, Dust brings us back to where we were at the end of the first book. We're bang up to date with what's going on back at Juliette's Silo, and we know that something big is afoot. This was brilliant - fast paced, everything was tied up, and nobody underwent the major personality change that sometimes befalls characters in the third book of a trilogy. I thoroughly recommend this series - it's fantastic.

And that was it. Agh! I need to get back to reading and stop buying, my TBR pile is ridiculous at this stage.

I'm going to take this opportunity to check in with my reading challenge:

I'm trying not to double up on challenges, so that means I have 14/50 completed. I'm looking foward to seeing all those boxes go green!!

So - that's it for March, hopefully I'll be able to tear myself away from Dawson & Co long enough to make a dent in my ridiculous TBR pile during April.


  1. the cat book sounds very unusual to me!

    1. Unusual is definitely the word for it - maybe it lost a little in translation or maybe I'm just not a cat person but it was very slow and boring to me! I know that others in the book club loved it, though.

  2. I didn't have a great reading month either. Too much Gossip Girl on Netflix was the biggest reason! A Dawsons Creek boxset sounds like a lot of fun though :) I read The Lake also and really enjoyed it. Happy reading in April!

    1. You too, Trish! The Lake was a great read, I must actually read her other book. x

  3. Well, you're doing a damn sight better than me at the whole reading malarky! I haven't picked up a book since Peter gave me a 3ds in February (I think)...I was doing so well too! I've even bought more books since! ARGH.

    1. See that's it, sometimes I get afraid that I'm never going to clear my to-read pile because I keep buying more! I haven't touched my 3DS in a long time but I got a bit addicted to The Sims freeplay on the tablet there for a while... disaster!

  4. I listened to that Sedaris book recently and liked it but I wasn't bowled over. I will try another one of his though in the future.

    I'm also trying not to double up on the reading challenges! I have managed to fit every book I've read so far into a challenge category but I know towards the end I will need to pick books to complete challenges, rather than the way it's going now

    1. I found "Me Talk Pretty One Day" much funnier, I think that Owls was possibly too long! Hopefully I won't end up reading for the sake of it, I'm sure I'll find something to fit in to the more difficult categories!

  5. That's on my to-read list, I have to make more time for reading! x

  6. Ha.. I'd love the Dawson's Creek boxset!!! Grew up wanting to look like Joey :-)
    Becca | theBeautyInbox


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