As of April 2022, I have not featured any sponsored or paid posts on this website or received money in lieu of anything posted here.

I am a member of Amazon's Affiliate Program. Where a post contains an affiliate link, this will be stated at the top of the post. Affiliate links don't cost buyers anything extra, but they do give me a (very) small percentage of any sales generated from using my link, which allows me to renew my domain annually.

- The top of each post clearly states whether or not the post features product samples, proofs, ARCs, affiliate links or gifted items.

- All my reviews are honest, not just the negative ones!

- All photographs on this blog are either taken by me, or found on royalty free image sites like Pixabay (artists credited where applicable). Book covers for review purposes are from Goodreads/Publishers. Product images used with permission where necessary.


- In book posts where 'ARC's are mentioned, this stands for Advance Reader Copy, an early copy of a book provided to a book blogger or reviewer before the publication date. The majority of ARCs featured come from Netgalley - a website available to all (www.netgalley.com). I do not get any special preference on Netgalley, I have built up my ratio through making requests and leaving feedback.

- On occasion, I am sent a physical proof copy of a book. Receiving a book does not automatically mean I will read it or feature it, nor does it automatically guarantee a positive review. When reviewing, I try to avoid spoilers and I don't do author bashing. Please bear in mind that books are subjective - if I love something, you may hate it, and vice versa.

- I accept books to review in both hard copy and eBook format. Receiving a book does not mean that I will read it or that I will give it a standalone review, but I do review every book I read on The Storygraph, Goodreads and Amazon. Every book I read also gets a mention in my monthly round up post and a permalink on my Books page for the year.

- Genres that interest me are: Contemporary, LGBTQ, Fiction, Adult Fiction, Non - Fiction, Biography, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Graphic Novels, Romance, Feminism, Women's History. I am not currently interested in Young Adult, WWI, Period Drama, Paranormal Romance, Religion, Sports, Crime or Thrillers (unless written by women), Regency Romance or Westerns. 

- If I enjoy a book, I will participate in the Blog Tour if that opportunity arises. This is a group of bloggers coming together to post their reviews around the release date of a book, and is not paid.

- I have never accepted payment in return for a book review. I also will NOT automatically give your book a glowing review just because I have received an ARC. If I do not like a book, I will try my best to be fair and focus on the points I did like, while giving what I feel is an appropriate star rating on The Storygraph, Goodreads and Amazon. If you try to dictate what I write in a review, I will delete the review from all platforms.

Updated April 2022
Sharon Leavy

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