Monday, October 8, 2012

NOTD: Rimmel Metal Rush Gold Save The Queen


I'm so busy with wedding stuff at the minute that I haven't had time to blog, but I did manage to paint my nails today!

I had to go to Mullingar today to pick up a dress for the day after the wedding (T-minus 3 weeks now, eek!) and nipped into Penneys (Primark) while I was waiting for New Look to open. Sure it'd be rude not to, right?

Whatever it is about the Penneys in Mullingar, I always end up finding weird little things I can't find in any other branch. Everything was a bit scattered today, but I did manage to pick these up:

The whole lot cost around 30 euro - I don't know why I got the watch, I don't even wear a watch, but I thought the rose gold colour was pretty and it'd go well with a blazer. If I had a blazer.

Anyway, the two polishes there are Angelica - Vertigo, and Rimmel Metal Rush - Gold Save The Queen.

This is a Rimmel edition that I hadn't heard of - it wasn't on a stand, the polish was just sitting by the Angelica display on its lonesome so I don't know what other colours are in the range. I have to confess, Rimmel is not usually a brand that catches my eye because I feel like they play it safe with their colours. This caught my eye immediately and I really like it, and I hope it's an indication of how they're taking their polishes up a notch.

In the bottle straight on, it's a metallic dark beige/rose gold colour. It shifts through pink, beige, gold and green. You can see the green tint better on the bottom of the bottle.

This is not usually a colour I'd imagine would suit me, but I really, really like it. Application was flawless. This was two coats.

Don't ask me why that corner thing is there. I was fooling around with Picmonkey and I really haven't the energy to go and do it over. Anyway - in daylight, it' a dark molten gold colour.

Inside, it shifts to a lighter gold with a pink undertone and a slight green sheen. You can really see the green in the pinky on the following picture:

Overall, it's a really pretty colour and one I can see myself using a lot. It's a lovely warm take on gold, and will be such a pretty A/W polish. I don't own anything like it and I love how it changes to different gold tones in the light. Well played, Rimmel.

Have you seen any of the other polishes in the Metal Rush range yet?