Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year Goals

Nothing to Disclose

New Years Resolutions - some people gag at the thought of them, others use them as an opportunity to set a list of goals for the year. I'm firmly in the latter camp - even if it only lasts until February, I love the sense of motivation that I get from a list and a new notebook.

If you are interested in setting some goals for the year but don't want the usual "lose weight, join a gym" ones, then have a read to see what I'm aiming for this year.

This is my main goal this year - to get my finances in order, and to aim to have more experiences rather than more stuff. There are a couple of ways I want to do this - a few are personal, so I won't go into them, but these are all things I'll be doing to try and spend and save money more consciously rather than flittering it away on impulse buys. Hopefully this will mean I have less crap piling up and more trips, meals out, family days, mini breaks, etc.

1. Use the Tesco Christmas Saver Scheme
I've mentioned this before, in my Budget Tips post. Essentially, it's a Christmas Saver scheme available to anyone with a Tesco Clubcard. All the details on how to get involved are here: Clubcard Christmas Savers. I don't do a big shop there anymore, but this year I'm going top my account up by €5 every single week, so I should have over €200 in vouchers by next November.

2. Buy No Non-Essential Beauty Products/Toiletries
I started this blog in 2011. Since then, I've been buying makeup and toiletries whenever something catches my eye. In recent years I've become better at not impulse buying, but I've still got 300 nail polishes under the bed, 17 different hair conditioners under the sink, various pots of clay masks, moisturisers, dozens of eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks. Enough is enough - my house is not a mansion (nor am I a millionaire), and I'm overwhelmed sometimes by the amount of "stuff" in it. I'm not buying one single beauty, hair, or skin product until I'm absolutely cleaned out of everything. Everything I have already will be used first, and everything I don't use will be cleared out. I'll be doing regular "empties" posts here as I use things up (I've one on the way).

Reading for me is like breathing - I have to read, it's just a regular part of the day for me. If you'd like to resolve to read more this year, I wrote a post on how I read so much: How I Read So Many Books. These are my book related goals for this year:

1. The Book Savings Jar
I first saw this last year when Aoife (Pretty Purple Polka Dots) mentioned it, and she had an overwhelmingly brilliant result this year. Every time you finish a book, put €1 into a jar. That's it. I did this last year until August, when I blew the lot between Charlie Byrnes and Dubray in Galway. Whether you read 100 books a year or 10, it's a great sense of achievement to save something every time you read, plus it's an incentive to read more when you know you're coming up to a nice round number.

2. Buy No More Than 10 New Books in 2018
I'm keeping my monthly Book Box Club subscription, because it's excellent value for money and it means I get a new book plus some goodies once a month. As well as that, I am really looking forward to a handful of new releases this year (Liz Nugent, Louise O'Neill, Donal Ryan, Jojo Moyes all have new books coming soon) - I made over 70 purchases on my Kindle last year, and lord knows how many physical ones I bought. This year, I'm allowing myself to buy no more than 10, instead I'll use the library more often and I'll actually read the books I own - over the past few years I seem to be just hauling books more often than I'm reading them.

3. Complete the Popsugar 2018 Reading Challenge
I did this a few years ago, and I discovered some great new books through it, things I'd never have picked up. This year I'm doing it with books I own already - I just went through my Kindle and bookshelves and picked out what would fit. I'll have a full post on it soon, but the prompts are at Popsugar Reading Challenge 2018 if you want to check them out.

1. Decluttering the Mind
I know, I know. But hear me out - a cluttered mind is the worst for making me feel shitty, so this year I'm going to make time for myself - even just 15 minutes a day where I can breathe, and empty my head. I'm not saying I'll be heading off up a mountain on my own but a few minutes outside, alone, breathing in fresh air, does wonders and it's something I'm already looking forward to, rain or shine.

2. Decluttering the House
Again, with the piles of shite. It seems to be breeding - everywhere I look, there's something shoved in a corner or a drawer or press that hasn't seen the light of day in months. I'm taking one section at a time, and clearing out whatever isn't used. Anything usable will be donated, anything saleable will be sold, and anything unfit for purpose or unused will be recycled or binned. I've seen a graphic going round over the past few years with a list of prompts to clear out your house - one for every day in January. Now I'm no sloth but jaysus I'm not spending every day for the next month cleaning either. Marie Kondo is a little too regimented for me, so instead I've written a list of 20 key areas I want to tackle, and I'll take one every time I'm motivated to do so.

That's about it in a nutshell, I'm looking forward to decluttering and actually using things rather than just constantly buying more. For a while there it seemed like everyone just had to have more of everything - you couldn't have one bookshelf, you needed a wall. You couldn't have a makeup drawer, you needed a makeup room. For anyone with even the remotest tendency to hoard, things can get completely out of hand and we end up with mountains of "stuff" just taking over.

Will I stick to any of it? Time will tell!

Have you made any resolutions, or signed up for any challenges?


  1. Some good things here! I'll be doing some similar stuff, especially when it comes to decluttering! While I probably won't be going on 'sparking joy' road, I do want to get rid of any shite I'm not using or having any benefit for.

    And I need to sort through beauty bits and crafting stuff too!

  2. I'm reading this just going "yup, yup, yup". I did a massive clearout of beauty products and makeup and donated to my sisters and I still have a ridiculous amount. I've vowed not to buy any body lotions, shower gels, eye liners, lipsticks etc etc until I finish what I've got. It's insane. I saw Aoife's tweet about the book fund and it's such a fun idea, defo taking part. I'm currently going through my Goodreads account and getting rid of all the books I will never read on my TBR and cleaning out folders on my laptop as I watch Harry Potter so decluttering is defo a priority for 2018!

  3. What great goals to set yourself for the year. Last year I started to declutter our home and it's honestly been the best process we've gone through. Besides from removing "stuff" from our apartment, it also has helped my mental health as an added benefit. I also like the book saving jar idea.

  4. I love this Sharon... thanks Laura for pointing me towards this xx

  5. Brilliant resolutions Sharon best of luck with them. I did the book jar this year and am going to do €2 a book this year... I hear ya on the piles of shite too!

  6. I love resolutions and get cross when the internet tells me I'm not supposed to make any. This year I have very few, but I think I'll borrow yours - the one about using all products before buying anything new. I discovered recently that while I have 15 blushers on the go, most of my fiends have just one. Time to use 14 of them I think...


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