Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Degustabox April Review and Taste Test

Nothing to Disclose


I'm a huge fan of subscription boxes (as you probably know) - there are so many that I want to try. Degustabox is a food and drink box that ships from the UK monthly. I saw a friend post about it on instagram so decided to take advantage of a discount and sign up - I received the April box yesterday. I used Address Pal for delivery to Ireland.

Myself and my three sons (12, 3 and 3) tested almost everything in the box last night, so I'll give you an idea of what we thought! I have to admit this was one of the times I really missed Snapchat, particularly during the chocolate test...

This is what was in the April box, there's an option for either an alcohol or no alcohol box, this is the non alcoholic one.

Doisy & Dam Quinoa, Smoked Tea & Vanilla Organic Milk Chocolate

Me: Really disliked the smoked tea flavour, it tasted really odd - like old farmer smell. Not that I've ever eaten an old.......moving on...
12yo: Said it tasted like the smell of slurry.
3yo #1: Said it was yummy and asked for more.
3yo #2: Also wanted more. 

Polo Mints Sugarfree

Me: They're polo mints. They're fine.
12yo: Mints are mints.
3yo #1: Said they were yucky.
3yo #2: Wanted to eat the whole packet. Did not allow this. 

Seabrook Lattice Sea Salt & Black Pepper Crisps

Me: The pepper was very strong, but texture was brilliant. Really liked these.
12yo: Loved them.
3yo #1: Said they were too spicy.
3yo #2: Licked the bag. 

Whitworths Vanilla Mac-a-Roons (pack of two)

Me: A bit like a softer version of a Bounce ball - nice texture, nice flavour, strong coconut aftertaste.
12yo: Wasn't keen on the taste.
3yo #1: Didn't like them.
3yo #2: Didn't like them.

New York Delhi VIP Nuts - Hot Chilli

Me: Taste lovely at first but then proceeded to burn the mouth off me. Like eating raw cayenne.
12yo: Said they were lovely, finished the bag, they burned the arse off him later that evening. 
3yo #1: Wouldn't allow him to taste, too spicy.
3yo #2: Wouldn't allow him to taste, too spicy.

Nothing But: Strawberry and Banana Snack, Pea and Sweetcorn Snack

Me: The pea & sweetcorn were just like ones from an uncooked pot noodle, the strawberry ones were like the bits in any cereal with red berries. Not my cup of tea but I'd add the savoury to noodles.
12yo: He liked the strawberry ones but didn't like the pea/sweetcorn.
3yo #1: Loved both flavours, especially the sweetcorn.
3yo #2: Also loved both flavours.

Garofalo Penne Ziti Rigate Wholemeal Penne

We haven't tasted this yet, but we only use wholemeal pasta so this was a very welcome addition.

Fentimann's Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water, 500ml

Me: Liked it, would be really refreshing with ice or used as a mixer. Really high in sugar. 
12yo: Really liked it, wanted to finish the bottle.
3yo #1: Hated it, said it was sour.
3yo #2: Said it was "nummy" and probably would've drank the bottle if I let him.

Dorset Cereals Machu Picchu Muesli

Me: Absolutely delicious. Full of nuts, oats, berries and with a slight hint of coffee. Really loved this.
12yo: Also loved it, ate spoonfuls of it straight out of the box.
3yo #1: Really liked it.
3yo #2: Loved it, loved the nuts in it.

Braham & Murray Hemp Seed Hearts

Me: Bland on their own but can see them fitting into baking recipes as they wouldn't affect taste.
12yo: Said they tasted like cardboard.
3yo #1: Wouldn't try them.
3yo #2: Didn't like them.

I liked the box - I'm going to get the May one as well to see what's in it, but I'm not sure if this is something I'll continue long term. I think it's a great way of trying new things and we had good fun tasting everything.

The box usually costs £12.99 a month with free delivery in the UK, but you can get £5 off your first box by using my code SHARONL-91D8 or signing up via this link (disclosure - if two people use this link I get a free box):

If you'd prefer not to use my code, you can sign up here: 

If you want to cancel your subscription after one box, you can do that - as long as you do it before the 9th of the month. Payment is taken on the 11th. 

For delivery to Ireland you can use Address Pal by An Post or Parcel Motel

Is a food subscription box something that would interest you? Also, I'd love to hear about any other non-beauty ones!


  1. Some great things included inside.

  2. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  3. Brilliant!! Love your blog!

  4. Big fan of a monthly box but have never tried a food one! Think I'll give this one a go thanks ��

  5. Sharon your sons reaction to the nuts had me crying laughing hahahah siobhan


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