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Empties January-March 2017

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"Empties" posts were really popular on blogs a couple of years ago. I personally loved them because they gave a great insight into products - anything can look lovely once or twice, but how does it hold up if you use it all? I've been gathering up my empties since January and been making an effort to use things up instead of hoarding. I'll have one of these every 3 months or so, when I gather enough empties to do another post. I'll give you a quick run down of each product and whether or not I'd buy it again.


Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo & Daily Conditioning Rinse PR Sample
I was sent this shampoo and conditioner duo back in November 2016, and began using them in January. I didn't use them daily, but I did use them on average of about twice a week. The shampoo doesn't lather, both products are paraben and sulfate free. They're very gentle, they were lovely to use, and they left my hair feeling clean and not loaded with product.

Would I buy again? 
I would, yes. They're not cheap - a quick Google suggests a starting price of about €17, but they lasted ages and they're still not as pricey as my all time fave Kérastase range.


Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar
I first received a sample of this oil-free moisturiser in a beauty box last year. I bought the full size because I loved everything about it - especially the way it made my skin feel silky and moisturised. I also really like the fragrance.

Would I buy again?
It's €45 in Boots at the minute - so no. It's very lovely, but I couldn't justify that price again.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser
This is a really lightweight moisturiser that smells a bit like oranges - it left my skin feeling refreshed every morning, I didn't really use it much at night. The pot lasted ages.

Would I buy again?
Yes, but I'd buy on the UK site via Address Pal (£16 vs €25.50)

Vichy Liftactiv Supreme (Dry to Very Dry Skin)
This was a sample in some beauty box - there are two versions of this cream available, I got the one for dry skin. It's a thick moisturiser, one I used mainly at night after cleansing, and it made my skin feel plump and hydrated.

Would I buy again?
Yes, this is the one I'll be repurchasing when I've used up all my other moisturisers. It's really thick and makes my skin feel fantastic. It's currently around the €25 mark for the full sized product, great value considering the little sample pot lasted me for about a month.


Ole Henriksen Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths
This was one of the items in the Look Fantastic advent calendar. It contained 10 "quilted clothes" - wipes. They're fancy wipes. They smelled like citrus, they did the job well, and my skin did feel clean - but they're still just wipes. 

Would I buy again?
No. I've owned (and enjoyed) an Ole Henriksen melting cleanser before that I would buy again, but I didn't find these wipes particularly unique or different enough to warrant paying more than a few euro for them (this pack is €7). 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
This is a repurchase - the 100ml bottle lasts a really long time. It's a gentle non-foaming cleanser, it does the job really well, and it's quick and easy. I have yet to find a makeup item that it can't remove, plus it leaves my skin feeling very clean and soft. 

Would I buy again?
I've a new one ready to go - this is one of the things I always save my Boots points for. 


Wet n Wild Megaglo Contouring Palette - Dulce De Leche
As you can see, it's completely gone. This was a powder duo - containing a darker shade to contour with and a lighter shade to highlight/set. It's cheap as chips (€5.99) and lasts months even with everyday use. I think this is the first time I've ever completely finished a powder! The powder doesn't cake on me and the contour isn't orange - winner all round. 

Would I buy again?
Absolutely, this has overtaken much more expensive brands as a part of my makeup routine. I had a new one ready to use even before this one was finished. 

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream - Ivory
This is my favourite base for every day wear - it gives the coverage of foundation but it's incredibly lightweight. It contains pigments to combat redness, SPF 15 and it doesn't cake or go patchy, I find that it gives a nice glow and can be used with one of those illuminating primers to look even more dewy. Love it.

Would I buy again?
I stockpile this all the time - whenever Bourjois are on offer in Boots (like now) I buy multiple tubes of it, I'd be lost without it. I'd say I've easily bought this 15 times at this stage, I love it. 


Michael Kors Rose Radiant Gold EDP 30ml
This was a Christmas present from me to me in 2015 - I've used it mainly during Autumn/Winter. It's a heavy, woody fragrance with musk and florals. It's lovely, but it's most definitely not a Spring/Summer scent. It has great lasting powder, and it's a lovely scarf perfume - one to spray on a scarf if you want the warm, musky scent to last longer. 

Would I buy again?
No. There are very few perfumes I repurchase because I love to try new ones all the time - I liked this a lot but it's not special enough for me to want to own again. I also don't like the packaging - as lovely as it looks, I can't see how much perfume is left and that drives me mad. 

Impulse Into Glamour Body Fragrance
I was very much an Impulse teenager - I went through a can every week or two (remember the limited edition Spice Girls one?). I picked this up when I ran out of deodorant, but this is really just a scented spray - it doesn't do anything to combat sweatiness. I ended up just using it in lieu of perfume some days.

Would I buy again?

The Body Shop British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter
This was part of a trio that I got at Christmas when I ordered from the UK site. It smells gorgeous - the Body Shop really are superior when it comes to creating scents. It genuinely does smell like fresh roses. As with all their body butters, this was smooth, creamy, thick - it felt gorgeous and my skin felt (and smelled) fantastic after using it. I'm not entirely sure that I had a "glow" but I felt moisturised.

Would I buy again?
Absolutely, but again - not in Ireland. I'll wait until the UK site are having a sale and pick it up via Address Pal or Parcel Motel. 

So - that's it. Overall I finished up 12 products in the first three months of the year. I found myself making much more of an effort to use things up instead of having loads of half-used products lying round, and I'll continue to do that over the next three months. 

Have you tried any of these products? Do you find you never finish anything, or are you someone who finishes something before moving on to the next product? 


  1. Ah the limited edition spice girl impulse, yes I had that too lol!

  2. Loved this review. I'm the see, I'm really trying use products I have. I'm a big fan of the vichy lift activ too.

  3. A lot of empties you finished.

  4. Oh, I adore that British Rose range! Just unfortunate I can only get TBS products while travelling abroad, but this time said heck it and bought some more off eBay (not cheap, but best I could do).

  5. I love blog posts about empties. I feel you get a much more reliable review of the products. Great job

  6. Love the Liz Earle, a regular repurchase for me too! I will have to try the Bourjois, am looking for someting for everyday. I have the Vichy BB, its nice but a bit shiny on me. Thanks for the post, I love ones on empties!


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