Monday, February 13, 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box February 2017: The Runway Edition

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I had the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar in December and I was so impressed with it that I decided to resubscribe to their monthly beauty box. I bought a 6 month subscription and received the February one as my first box. Every month, the boxes have a specific theme. The February one was themed "Runway Ready" in honour of London Fashion Week.

Here's a quick run through of the contents:

 MyVitamins Catwalk Queen 30 Vitamins | Worth: approx €8.00 (Full Size: €15.95)
Y'all know my opinion on taking vitamins willy-nilly - if you need them, great. If you don't, pointless. This is a mix of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Copper, Selenium, Zinc - presumably the title "Catwalk Queen" is to do with the benefits of some of those minerals for skin, hair and nails. 

Polåar Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour Energiser | Worth: approx €24.95 (Full Sized Product)
This is a roll-on gel for the eye area that promises to hydrate and improve dull tired skin. It claims to help eliminate puffiness and dark circles, all while boosting lash growth. A really interesting product that I'm looking forward to trying out properly.

ModelCo Eyelites Eyeshadow in Shade St. Barts | Worth: Unknown
ModelCo items seem to be regularly featured in subscription boxes or given away free with magazines. They're not actually for sale on the LF website, so I find this an odd choice to include in the box when so many other brands are available. In saying that, it's a standard creamy copper eyeshadow with nice pigmentation and I will probably use it at some point.

ThisWorks Stress Check Breathe In | Worth: approx €12.16 (Full Size: €19.45)
This is a little roll-on designed for application to your pulse points during times of stress. Containing Frankincense, Lavender and Eucalyptus, the scent is really pleasant and warm. It's incredibly relaxing so I can see this being of some comfort during a stressful situation, the smell is really soothing.

Borghese Fango Delicato Active Mud Mask | Worth: approx €3.09 (Full Size: €27.45)
The packaging on this is incredibly cute, like a little Nespresso capsule. It's a 25g sample size of an active mud mask, enough for a couple of applications. It contains Kaolin clay, aloe, mango, witch hazel - I'm looking forward to using this. 

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA | Worth: approx €5.80 (Full Sized Product)
This is a brand I'd never heard of until Lorraine posted about it - it seems to be a reasonably priced decent skincare brand with no bells or whistles. It's pretty much sold out on the LF site at the moment, but I know that ASOS stock it. This is a creamy, thick, unscented moisturiser that claims to put hydration back into the skin. It contains amino acids, dermal lipids and hyaluronic acid. 

So - overall, a nice box, I thought. Given that the theme was based on London Fashion Week and that the whole thing could have gone in a very trend-led direction, I thought the choice of skincare products was lovely. The sparkly eyeshadow is pretty, and the stress roll-on is cute. I could have done without the vitamins but they seem to be a fad at the moment so it's not surprising to see the beauty boxes follow suit. 

Total Box Worth: €54 plus the ModelCo Eyeshadow. 
Cost of Box: €16.20 approx as part of 6 month subscription.
Verdict: Really nice box, looking forward to next month.

Every box also includes a pocket sized copy of Elle magazine (I don't read it). 


  1. I was so impressed with the LookFantastic advent calendar after you posted about it, and I'm really tempted to subscribe to this, too! Gonna wait to see your next one before I make my decision!

    1. It's a great box, hopefully the standard will stay the same!

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  3. Looks great and I'm hearing so many great things about the Ordinary brand I really wanna try their stuff. I think I want to the the La Mer Glossybox whatcha think of it?
    S xx

    1. I wasn't too keen on the idea of it initially - but they've confirmed that the cult moisturiser and the hydrating serum will be included, so I suppose it's a nice way of finally trying them! I tend to stick to what I know when it comes to skincare - like imagine if I bought it and it brought me out in a rash, I'd be sickened :D


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