Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Autumn Ninja Book Swap is Open! (International)

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One part of being fairly active online that I adore is the concept of swaps - they're incredibly common, and I've taken part in a few - I've done makeup swaps, secret santas, pen pal swaps, nail polish swaps - they're a lot of fun. I love choosing gifts and presents for people, doing the whole online-stalking thing (in a non-creepy way) to see what they like, and scouring shops to find the perfect thing for them.

The Ninja Book Swap is something that has been running for a few years now, it happens three times a year - Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The Autumn one is now open to people who want to get involved - I've never been involved with this before, but I've just signed up and I am GIDDY with excitement.

It's an international book/goodie swap, overseen and organised by Bex from Ninja Book Swap and An Armchair By The Sea (an excellent book blog to follow if you like to be kept up to date with challenges and readathons). Sign up is now open until October 2nd.

When you sign up, you add a list of likes/dislikes. You also link your wishlist - it can be anywhere online (just make sure it's public) - make sure you have a good selection of books on it and do NOT buy any of them before the swap - then you'll be matched with a person, and you'll get their details. The person who gets you will buy you one (or maybe two) books from your wishlist and a few other goodies based on your likes. You'll do the same for your person. Then you post your package by Monday October 17th and email proof of postage or tracking info to Bex. When you receive your package, thank the person who sent to you and join in with the unboxing/excitement by using the #NinjaBookSwap tags on Twitter or Instagram, writing a blog post, or sharing in some way.

There's a second book swap running, the Trick or Treat one, that's a little different, but all details are in the post here.

Firstly, introduce yourself! You can get involved by tweeting Bex (@NinjaBookSwap), or sending her an email (ninjabookswap[at]gmail[dot]com) to say hello. This is necessary because unfortunately people can take advantage of swaps - it happened to me with a Beauty Blogger swap last Christmas and it was gutting, I enjoyed sending my person her package and she was so grateful, but whoever got me just didn't bother. Meanie. In my experience, the online book community are some of the soundest people I've ever come across, and the risk is minimal - but please, please don't commit unless you are 100% going to take part and send a package.

All the information you need, along with the sign up form, is here in this blog post: Autumn Ninja Book Swap Sign Up is Open, there are also FAQ and HOW IT WORKS pages on the website.

I really hope some of my fellow book lovers get involved, this is a great way to get in touch with new people and join in with some great bookish fun!

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  1. She also has a #ParcelsOfJoy project


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