Friday, September 16, 2016

Boxcitement Wanderlust Box July 2016

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Boxcitement are a company that I came across while googling for non-beauty subscription boxes. They contain craft, jewellery, and stationery items. You can get a monthly subscription, or you can order a one-off box. After having a look at some of their past boxes and deciding they were suitably quirky, I ordered one. I used Address Pal to avail of free UK postage, the box cost £20. It goes down to £17 if you sign up for a monthly subscription.

Firstly, I was surprised at how slim it was. It would fit through a letterbox (for scale, it's about the size of a standard box of Milk Tray).

There's a different theme every month. For July, the theme was Wanderlust.

It was absolutely wedged - I'm still not entirely sure how they got everything in there!

The little touches were gorgeous - from the tiny map confetti to the sticker on the earring box, the little organza pouch and the packaging on the memory kit.

The box contained:

A colourful map of the world so you can pin the countries you've been to (or use it as wrapping)
A clear plastic pouch to keep liquids in
An "Adventure Journal" kit that includes journal cards and a leather binding strap
Two greetings cards and envelopes ("Aloha" and "Bonjour")
A pair of handcrafted earrings
A tin of heart shaped mints
A laser cut luggage tag
A keyring mirror
Handmade soap

So - would I get it again? Maybe. They don't release the themes in advance, so it's pot luck. I would not have chosen this theme for myself - I haven't been abroad in 13 years and I'm not a huge fan of travelling, so it's not something that I can really identify with. I was a little disappointed with the theme, but I'm sure there are people who absolutely loved it - I can see this really suiting someone like Kathleen from Squidgy Moments.

In saying that, I think the earrings are cute and the plastic pouch is something that will never go to waste - the theme just didn't suit me. I can't fault the contents, they've put serious effort into making sure everything fits in (and again, how the hell did they get it all in the box), and the graphics and designs are beautiful. There's a great mix of stuff, but I think it's on the expensive end of things for £20.

Where I think this comes into its own is as a gift - I can't think of any other company that offer one-off boxes that will fit through a letterbox. If you're willing to take a gamble on the theme, I think this could be a fantastic present for someone, it would really cheer them up. I'm also very tempted to get my name down for the October box as I have a feeling it may be something spooky... but I could be way off! The October boxes will be available from September 23rd.

Do you prefer to know what's in a box in advance, or would you rather it remain a surprise?


  1. Hi Sharon I just came across your review which as you say was not sponsored so what a lovely surprise! We love hearing honest feedback and we're delighted you enjoyed the designs - yes you're right you never know what theme you're going to get (we think that's half the fun!). Thank you for taking the time to write about us - and we hope you enjoy our upcoming themes if you're tempted to try another box!


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