Monday, June 20, 2016

Root Touch-Ups - Spray, Wax, or Powder?

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I've been getting grey hairs since I was in my early 20s - In my case it runs in the family, but dying my hair from the age of 12 (thanks, Angela Chase) hasn't helped. I get most of my greys at the roots, so if I don't colour it every 6 weeks I end up with a spread of grey from the roots out.

I don't like dying my hair every 5-6 weeks - it's an absolute pain. I don't go to a Salon, I've always just done it at home - but it's still a chore I hate, so I like to extend it as long as possible. There are a range of different root touch-up products on the market at the minute, from sprays to wax to powder - so I bought three different ones to see which one worked the best. These products are also suitable for covering regrowth between colours, not just for grey hair.

These photographs were all taken on my phone as I used the products, so if you see any blur it's down to camera quality, not photo editing. My hair hasn't been edited in any photo.

L'Oréal Hair Touch up Root Concealer 

This is a spray. The can contains 75ml of product. It has a tiny nozzle, meaning you can direct the product to the exact spot you need to cover up.

Available From: | Price: €14.99
Shades Available: Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black. 

Pros: Very fast to use | Covers greys instantly | Doesn't feel sticky | Fades out
Cons: If you're not careful, you can end up spraying your scalp or forehead instead of your hair.
Rating: 6/10

Colourstick Root Touch up Stick

This is a wax stick. The stick looks like lipstick, and it contains 4.9g of product. You essentially colour in the grey parts of your hair. It washes out. 

Available | Price: €9.95
 Shades Available: Light Brown, Mid Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Copper Red 

Pros: Easy to use | One Stick has 50 applications | Free delivery worldwide
Cons: Feels waxy | Looks greasy | Pulls hard on the roots when colouring in. 
Rating: 4/10

Color Wow Root Cover Up

This is a mineral powder. The compact comes with a double-ended brush and includes a mirror. You brush the powder on to any grey areas and it clings to the hair. It fades out or washes with shampoo.

Available From: Beauty Features, Shampoo.ieMillies | Price: €38-€38.50
Shades Available: Platinum Blonde, Blonde, Redhead, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black
Pros: Lasts for ages | Looks natural | Easy to use | No fallout | Covers greys
Cons: Expensive 
Rating: 9/10

The Color Wow is by far my favourite - it looks and feels natural, and it's a great match. The powder doesn't fall out, it clings to the hair and stays put. You can see the usage on mine and I've had that over a year - I've only just bought a new one because I misplaced it but I won't have to open it for months. The only drawback is the price - but it works out as great value over time. If you can find a shade to suit you, that's the one I'd happily recommend. Sprays or Waxes aren't for me, unfortunately. 


  1. Great post Sharon 🙌 Think I need to invest in the Color Wow !!

    1. It's brilliant,I'm always worried if I recommend something a bit expensive but it's very much worth it!

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  2. This post was very helpful to see.

  3. Great review i'll give the powder a go:)

  4. Wow! Never knew that there are products like this that covers up grey hair. I thought dyeing is the only option. Love to try the last one since it is your likely recommended among the others.

  5. great post Sharon, I was deliberating about buying the wow as I need to cover regrowth 2 weeks after my colour! the price was putting me tho!

  6. Agreed, what Color Wow is brilliant! I must admit though, I'm so lazy with the root cover-ups and usually just live with my grey hair until I get it dyed..
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  7. I think I have been dyeing my hair since around the same age, although until very recently only root growth has been my issue rather than the grey. These solutions though may be the way forward without having to go through the huge faff it is to dye my hair!


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