Thursday, June 2, 2016

MannyMUAxOFRA - Aries & Charmed. Plus Boozyshop Service Review!

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One Friday not too long ago, I was browsing kettle filters online (as you do) when I spotted an email from Boozyshop in my inbox. I had never bought from them before, but I signed up for promotional emails one time while looking at something or other I saw on YouTube - this time, the picture inside made me gasp out loud.

Listen, you know I'm a sucker for lipstick, especially liquid lipstick, especially ESPECIALLY mauvey nudey browny Kylie Jenner-esque shades. So when this picture arrived, tell me what I was supposed to do (apart from remind myself that I own shades like these and I've only one mouth)? WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DOOOOO?

Sweet lipstick gods. I HAD to have them - or at least, two of them. When I logged on and saw the price (€19.95 each), the collector in me had to be silenced - I knew I wouldn't wear Hypno very often, so I bought Aries and Charmed. Shipping was €9.99 (beware - I'm not sure if that's standard shipping or if it depends on package weight) and I got to choose a free sample from a selection of small items - I chose a single eyeshadow from Makeup Revolution.

I was emailed a tracking number relatively quickly. The order arrived via Fastway couriers within 5 days of purchasing, which I thought was fantastic considering it came from the Netherlands. Here's what arrived:

The little card was a lovely touch, thanks Kimberly! Everything was well packed in bubble wrap.

Makeup Revolution Baked Eyeshadow 
"Moon Dust".

This is a charcoal eyeshadow that has copper and silver going through it. It's nice, I won't wear it that often, but I'd say it would work really well wet as a liner. Pigmentation was great but in general any Makeup Revolution eyeshadows I've used have been good.

Here are the lipsticks:

MannyMUAxOFRA - Aries

Note - I had to edit out a particularly gross spot on my face in these pictures. Seriously - if you think the hairy face is bad, you would have puked at the spot. Lip colours haven't been edited, photographs taken in natural daylight. 

MannyMUAxOFRA - Charmed

Of the two shades, Aries is my favourite. It's really wearable. Charmed, to me, is more of an Autumn shade, it's darker on me than I expected it to be. It reminded me of Stila's Patina or MAC's Twig. Here's a comparison:

The formula was brilliant, both colours lasted for hours. Not quite as long as the Stila, but they performed well. I'd definitely buy more from OFRA, and I'm debating whether or not to go back for Hypno - watch this space...

Boozyshop stock a huge range of brands that may be music to the ears of fellow makeup addicts - as well as a huge range of Makeup Revolution products, you can get Milani, LA Splash, Morphe, and more on the site. I will be back!


  1. I'm not a big fan of Manny after some questionable behaviour a while ago, but these are gorgeous on you and sure it would be a sin (totally nearly wrote syn) not to check out the website wouldn't it?!

  2. They are STUNNING - I love Aries! Such a great shade.

  3. Ooh great buys, agree Aries is perfect for the summer and you'll get much more wear out of Charmed come Autumn!

  4. Oh the Charmed looks amazing - but totally unrelated I need that Stila Patina - F**K how have I not seen that xx


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