Thursday, May 5, 2016

Recent Penneys Buys and Wishlist

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Over the past month or so I've picked up a few bits in Penneys, so I thought I'd show you what's in store at the minute. I also spotted a few things I want to get, so I popped those in too.

Pastel Checked Throw €4 | Paisley Double Duvet/Pillowcase Set €20 | Fluffy Cushion €4
The pastel throw is gorgeous, it suits Irish weather perfectly because it's bright and fresh, yet warm and cosy. The cushion was a steal at €4, and the paisley duvet/pillowcase set is a great way to change the look of your bed without spending a fortune - here's a more detailed image of the set:

Image [Primark]

Moroccan Amber Candle, €3 | Clear Toiletry Bag, €3 | Flat Foundation Brush, €2.50 | Necklace, €6 | Initial Necklaces, €2
The moroccan amber scent on the candle is lovely - but it's no Yankee. You can't smell it throughout the house (or even the room) when it's lit but it is a lovely pleasing smell. I got the little clear bag because we're going to a wedding soon and I wanted something small to pop mini toiletries in, this is rose gold with polka dots and it's the perfect size. The flat foundation brush is fantastic for applying face masks, the necklace was for my son's Confirmation, and the little initial necklaces are really cute - I've been asked about them a few times and nobody could believe they were only €2 each. I got E, D, and S (my boys' initials).

Notebooks, €3 each
Y'all know I'm a sucker for a good notebook, I'm currently using the Frozen one as a food diary, I haven't decided what to use the other one yet. I was thinking about doing a post featuring all my notebooks, is that something people would be interested in?

T-Shirts, €1.90 each
€1.90 each

These t-shirts are for the twins, they were just €1.90 each - an absolute bargain. I think Penneys have improved of late for their children's clothes - the sizes seem to be more generous with this range too. The t-shirts go from 2-3 right up to teenage sizes, so they're really handy for holidays or for Summer until they get demoted to pyjamas.

T-Shirt, €6 | Plate/Bowl/Cup set, €4
I got both of these Star Wars items for my older (by two minutes) twin Edward, who is Star Wars obsessed. No idea why, none of the rest of us like it, but he's just Star Wars mad. The t-shirt was €6, but they have others in store at the minute with the Star Wars logo for €4.50, they also have shorts. The plate/bowl/cup I thought was fantastic, it was great value at €4 and he loves using them. They do this set with Mickey/Minnie mouse too.

Superman Cap, €5
The last things I bought were this Superman cap, €5 and one featuring Spiderman. They were a fiver each but unfortunately they're a little big on my boys - they'd be a much better fit on a 3-4 year old. I've put them away for next year.

Now for the fun part! My current Penneys wishlist looks a bit like this:

The striped canvas pumps are €4 and I think they'd be lovely for Summer with jeans or shorts.
The grey lightweight wrap knit is €14 and I love that it's long, so I will more than likely get this.
The Hogwarts shoe liners are €3 for the set of 3 and I've been searching for them but can't find them :(
The round necklace is €4 and I think it'd look gorgeous with that jumper.
The earrings are €4 and I also think they'd look gorgeous with the jumper, or to fancy up a plain dress.
The notebooks are €3 (pink) and €3.50 (Tokidoki) - notebook fiend, right here.
The sports socks are €3.50 for the 5 pairs, I love these with Skechers (incidentally - the Penneys Skechers knock-offs? MILES BETTER than the originals).
The to-do list and pen is €1.50. I do love a good list.
The toasted marshmallow candle is €4 and I've a sneaky suspicion that it may be close to my all time favourite Yankee, Fireside Treats.....

So there we go. Were I to go instore tomorrow and pick up that little lot, it'd set me back €44.50.

Carefree me says "do it!" (Reckless me says invent an excuse to go over this minute and do it), alas responsible me says "you do not need any more crap" and she is right. Except for that jumper. And the candle. And the to-do list. And one of the notebooks.


  1. Ah the boot Tom the storm trooper tee, he'd love the plates and stuff, love Penneys so so much xx

  2. Some nice purchases and wants!

  3. Love a good Penneys post :) would love to see more on your notebooks!

  4. Ooh I love the sound of the toasted marshmallow candle! Drool! I love sweet smelling things


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