Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Glasses from Specsavers + Service Review

Not paid or sponsored | Red or Dead glasses purchased using a gift voucher provided by PR company, other glasses purchased by me.


If you follow me on Snapchat [sharonleavy], you may remember a few Fridays ago when I spoke about a very generous gift voucher I had been sent. I was asked if I'd like a voucher to choose a new pair of glasses and because I'm not an eejit, I accepted. The PR company sent me an incredibly generous voucher to go and pick out a pair of glasses, so I did just that. I went to my local branch in Longford.

Because I'm already a Specsavers customer and my eye examinations are up to date, I didn't need an eye test this time. I've visited Specsavers 3 times over the past 6 months, so I thought I'd tell you about all those visits in case you were curious.

Top: Beulah | Middle: Specsavers Sun RX 72 | Bottom: Red or Dead 103

November 2015 - two days before the epic Bridie Brunch, one of the lads snapped the leg off my glasses, meaning that I attended said Brunch with them Jack Duckworth-ed to within an inch of their lives. Despite having attempted to superglue the leg back on and using an acre of black insulation tape to keep the leg on, Specsavers were able to remove the lenses, pop them into a pair of brand new frames, within an hour, for €40.

February 2015 - when I applied for my Learner's Permit, I had to get an eye test. I went to the GP but the form came back to me, so I went to Specsavers for a more in-depth eye exam. The optician (also called Sharon) was lovely, so relaxed and calm, and explained everything as she was doing it. It's non-invasive, and she didn't rush it. I found out that legally, I'm not allowed drive without my glasses (I never would've known that if I had just gone to the GP). I had a Sunday appointment and I was seen at my appointment time. The fee for that was €20.

May 2015 - I rang and explained that I had a gift voucher, and was told that I could just pop in any time because I wasn't due for an eye examination yet. I went in one Friday morning and the girls were really nice. The voucher I received didn't allow any special offers or two-for-one deals, and I was told that the UltraClear lenses would cost €45 on top of the given price of any frames. With this in mind I wanted to stay with the €149 range so I could get the UltraClear lenses too. Specsavers also carry a range of €189 frames (Karl Lagerfeld, Karen Millen, etc). Prices include standard lenses and there are 2 for 1 offers availble. I could also have chosen a pair of sunglasses, but I wanted to pick something for every day instead of something I'd only need for a few weeks out of the year. I spent a few minutes trying on frames but fell in love with the Red or Dead ones the minute I saw them [RedorDead103]. I chose them, and they were sent off to the lab. When I went back in to pick them up, the fit was checked for me and any adjustments would have been made there and then. They fit great and I could most definitely notice a difference between my old lenses and the UltraClear ones. I do seem to need to clean them a lot more but I am removing them several times a day to put sunglasses on, so I'd say that has something to do with it. Fortunately, they came with a case and a great cleaning cloth. I've also used Specsavers lens cleaning spray before and not only is it great for glasses, it's great for smartphone screens and tablet screens too.

Overall I'm happy with Specsavers and the services they provide, and would have especially recommended the Longford branch even if I never had a voucher. Sharon, Denise, Monica, Tanita - everyone I dealt with was very professional and helpful without being pushy. There's little or no waiting for an appointment which is a huge plus for me - if you're told 10am, you won't still be sitting there waiting at 10.15am. If they tell you they'll call you, they'll call you. They cater for PRSI and Medical Card customers too, and they have regular offers - currently there's a €5 eye test promotion running. Keep an eye on specsavers.ie for the offers.

Glasses can make such a difference to your face - here's  look at my old ones compared to my new ones. I've always been afraid of larger frames because my face is round, I thought they'd make my face look bigger, but I think the opposite is true - my old ones did nothing for me. In this picture, you can also see the difference with the UltraClear lenses - my old ones reflect the window, the UltraClear ones don't.

Thank you to Ogilvy and Specsavers for my new glasses, I'm delighted with them and very grateful for the opportunity to pick out something just for me.


  1. I believe I have the same Red or Dead pair in blue, I love them! Unlike you I don't legally need my glasses to drive, but I've become so used to them now it's like a safety crutch for me.

  2. I love your new glasses they really suit you Sharon! Best thing I ever done 10years ago was to change over to Specsavers they are so professional and helpful here in Wexford as well.


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