Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Favourite Bargain Kitchen Accessories!

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If you follow me on Snapchat you'll know I'm a bit of a kitchen gadget addict. I am very fond of the odd random eBay binge or Dealz haul, so I thought I'd show you some of my favourite (and really cheap) little kitchen gadgets/accessories.

The little star bowl is €1.49 from Dealz, I got it around Christmas but I saw some in Longford last week. The individual lasagne dish was also €1.49 in Dealz, the Jane Asher range has gorgeous stuff in really pretty pastel colours. I love these dishes because I can portion off food for myself like lasagne or pies, they can also go in the freezer. The little chicken serving plate was reduced from €4 to €0.50 in Dunnes after Easter last year, keep an eye out after holidays, themed stuff usually goes on sale afterwards. This plate always reminds me of Paul and the Artistic Chicks!

The silver serving bowl is €1.49 from Dealz. It's great for dishing up a fakeaway curry. The foil containers were around €2 from Mr. Price for a pack of either 6 or 8, they're fantastic on a Friday or Saturday night for having some homemade chips with curry sauce - feels exactly like you've just gotten them from the chipper and really curbs any 'bold' cravings! The plastic containers are from Dealz, €1.49 for a pack of 8 - I have bought so many of these. They're handy for fruit salads, soup portions, dinner portions, leftovers, buns - I used several of them every day and I don't feel a bit guilty if one breaks or gets stained because they're so cheap. They've recently reduced the pack size from 10 to 8 and made them sturdier.

All these cookie cutters were under the €2  mark per set, they're from Dealz, Homestore + More, Euro Giant, Lidl - wherever sells cutters. The Mickey Mouse pancake shaper (I use it for toast) is from eBay, €0.80 here.

The silicone bun cases are from Dealz, €1.49. They're so handy for making egg/ham muffins in the Airfryer, or making buns. The heart shaped ones were on offer in Lidl last year, they're lovely for little pastries or desserts. The Christmas and Piglet ones were on clearance in either Lidl or Aldi, they're ice cube trays but also work great as chocolate moulds. The silicone spoon one is a favourite of mine, it's such a novelty being able to eat a spoon!! They work well with dark melted chocolate. You can get it for under €1.50 on eBay here.

The silicone egg poachers were from eBay (loads here), but I think they're also available in IKEA or Tiger. The purple measuring cups and spoons are €1.49 in Dealz for a set of cups and spoons, they're from the Jane Asher range and are really handy if making US recipes. The blue spoons were under a euro on eBay, I like them because the teaspoon one fits neatly into the neck of all spice jars. It's the little things.......... (available here for less than €1.20)

The little glass jars are €1.49 for two in Dealz. They have larger sizes too, but these smaller ones are fab for homemade ketchup and homemade spice mixes. The little silver tins are also €1.49 from Dealz, they're lovely for serving dips or sauces with food. The giant green pencil parer is a vegetable peeler and a carrot sharpener, I saw The Skinny Doll with one and had to have it!! It's €1.08 here. The little white plastic spoon thing is an egg separator, the yolk stays in the middle part while the white drips out into the mug, there's also a lip on it to keep it steady on a cup. It was €0.65 here. The orange corkscrew thing is probably one of my all time favourite kitchen things, it's a garlic crusher but instead of squeezing, you just turn it like a screw. It's so easy to crush garlic with it, I threw my metal crusher out. You can get this one here for under €1.70, I've just ordered a backup because I am a garlic-loving freak who would actually cry if this got broken. Finally, the little mortar and pestle (anyone else just love miniature things?!) is great for blending spices and making sure nothing is lumpy. I got it on eBay here for just over €2.

So - anyone got any more strange kitchen accessory ideas for me? Because I've a kitchen drawer here that's not going to fill itself.......


  1. I want them all.... Along with an extension on my kitchen to house them all ;P

  2. Some very useful kitchen accessories!

  3. I'm useless at anything in the kitchen that isn't sandwich/ noodle making. But I love buying quirky stuff - love them all Hahahah Siobhan xx


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