Friday, February 5, 2016

eBay Makeup Brush Recommendations

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When I showed you my Jessup brushes on Snapchat last week, lots of you said you'd be interested in a post about what kinds of makeup brushes are available on eBay.

Over the years, I've bought a lot of makeup brushes from eBay and AliExpress. The odd time I've gotten caught with a fake MAC or one that smells of chemicals, but for the most part, the unbranded ones are pretty okay. Some of them are more than okay, they're every bit as good as brands you can buy in shops here.

Jessup Brushes
There are hundreds of people selling Jessup brushes on eBay, just search "jessup". They're available in sets of 7,8,10, 15 or individual face and eye sets. I've never tried their small eye brushes but I've ordered a set for €7 so I'll let you know what they're like when they arrive. The best thing about Jessup is the value for money - a 15-piece eye and face set will typically set you back around €16 including postage. I bought my blue face set in 2013, and they're only just starting to give up the ghost now. I think they were around the €8 mark for a set of 10.

They wash well, they're soft, and they apply makeup well. I mostly use them all for foundation or cream products, but they do the job and the flat top kabuki is every bit as good as more expensive brands.

I use the smaller ones in the face set for blending concealer or an eyeshadow base. Again, they're fluffy and they do the job, but they're no good for detail or for the crease, they're too big. They work great for buffing larger areas or applying concealer under the eyes.

Random Brands

The top brush is one you'll have seen all over social media. The brand Cailyn do one for €20, and The Beauty Deli do one for €10. This was €1.49 on Ali Express. From watching videos of people using the other ones, this looks to be the same size, maybe a tiny bit smaller. It's soft, it washes well, and it applies liquid foundation well.

The little flat kabuki in the middle is by a brand called Mixcos, I got it here on Ali Express for €3.46. It's not as dense as the Jessup flat kabuki but it still does a great job, I've had it 2 years and it hasn't shed or loosened.

The third brush is a new addition to my collection of eBay brushes, I saw this on CherrySue's facebook page after Christmas. Apparently it's a dupe of a very expensive brush by It Cosmetics but I've never heard of them, I just wanted this because it looked SO FLUFFY!! It took about three weeks to arrive, I got it on eBay from this seller for under €6 posted. It's every bit as soft as it looks, and it'll be a dream for applying bronzer to my neck or face powder or setting powder.

Tips When Searching for Makeup Brushes on eBay or AliExpress:

1. Don't search for brand like MAC or Real Techniques. They're fakes, they're not well made, and they stink of chemicals.
2. Stay away from unbranded brushes if they resemble MAC or if they've a block of colour hiding the name. In my experience, if they don't have a name or logo, they'll arrive stinking of varnish with "m.A.c" stamped on them.
3. Use sellers with feedback of 98% or more.
4. Urban Decay have never made a "Naked" brush set. Don't buy that.

Hopefully that gave you a bit of an idea what to expect if you're thinking about ordering brushes from overseas. I still love my Blank Canvas, Real Techniques, etc - but it's great to be able to instantly double your brush collection for under €15.


  1. A woman after my own heart. Nearly all my brushes are from eBay. I got that one like cailyns for 2 euro and love it too. And have the jessup and there fab.

  2. Some great brush recommendations from ebay.

  3. I like the look of that rounded Jessup Kabuki brush! And that IT brush dupe really does look identical to the real thing. I own a number of the IT brushes and love them so I'll definitely have to try out that dupe b/c that size I use every day for bronzer. :)

  4. Hi Sharon, what did you think of the Jessup eye set?


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