Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

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I've been raving about these lip creams for a long time now, since I first stumbled across Antwerp in a collection of NYX lip products that I bought on eBay. Last year, NYX finally became a little easier to buy in Ireland, so I've been building up a collection of the lip creams.

I received Amsterdam from a friend at Christmas, I purchased the other 8 myself. Apologies for the grubby lids, these are much loved!

L-R: Amsterdam, Stockholm, Antwerp, Istanbul, San Paulo, Milan, Prague, Cannes, Copenhagen

The formula is creamy, pigmented, and it dries to a soft matte finish. They're not drying. After I read The Rebel Lipstick's (excellent) review of her NYX lip collection, I wanted to try Copenhagen myself to see if the darker shades were easy to work with so I bought it last week - it's definitely not as pigmented as I'd have hoped, but that's alright, it's still a colour I'm happy to own and I had no issues with the formula. These last a few hours on me if I'm not eating or drinking (rare) but the applicator means they're easy to top up without much fuss.

I think my favourite shade for my skin tone is Milan, it's the one I reach for most often. Some of the shades are very similar, I had trouble telling Istanbul and San Paulo apart on my lips despite them looking different in the tube - that's the only gripe I have about them, I've ended up ordering shades that are too close to ones I own already.

They last a little longer with a lipliner underneath, that also stops them balling after multiple applications. Sometimes it can change up the colour too - Antwerp becomes much more vibrant with a nude liner underneath.

I bought these from a few different places - including Cara Pharmacy (€7.75, 9 shades available), Littlewoods (€11 - huge price increase but they have 22 shades available) and Boots (€7.75, 22 shades available).

I'd happily recommend these, they're a lovely product.


  1. Yeah I need to try this now thank you. Stockholm, get on my face!

  2. Wow I thought Copenhagen would have been far more pigmented! This is why I love swatch posts! Great post Sharon X

  3. Ooh these are all gorgeous on you, I love the regular Butter Glosses more because I'm more of a gloss girl but definitely plan to pick up more of the matte ones!

  4. Nice swatches of these lip creams. They look great.

  5. They look very nice! Great for everyday use :)

  6. Great post !
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  7. I have one or two - looking at your swatches think i need to pick up some more now ��

  8. Sharon thank you for putting them on your lips- makes the buying process ~ so quick and easy. Loving San Paulo xx Siobhan

  9. I was just looking at these on the Boots website and had picked out Milan as the shade I'd like. I'll def be buying it!


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