Friday, January 22, 2016

Recycling Food Waste with Obeo

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Just before Christmas, I was contacted by Obeo, an Irish company, with a view to reviewing their food box. I'll be honest, I hadn't a clue what I was accepting, I just heard "food" and went into a Homer Simpson-like state of euphoria.

What arrived was this little package that didn't look at all box-like:

The package contained 5 thick brown paper bags.

The bags are made of thick recycled brown paper, with a top that you can close. They're designed to sit on a countertop, and they don't leak when food is scraped in. The idea is that you put all your food waste in here - from teabags to egg shells, vegetable peelings and food scrapings - and it can go straight into your brown bin or into your compost bin, meaning that there's no loose food floating round in your bins causing mess or smell. Plus, it makes you more aware of how much food you're actually throwing out (this was most embarrassing for me).

These bags can last 2-3 days - I had this filled in a day, which is scandalous. I'd scrape food into the bin without even really thinking about it, but this made me more conscious of not cooking too much or letting food rot without using it (hello, vegetable drawer).

Here's what you can put into the bags:

This is going to be really handy for those of you who make your own compost - I know that some countertop bins can be really unsightly, this just looks a lot neater and the contents aren't in your face.

I didn't think I'd get as much used out of this - but it's genuinely a very handy product. It's not going to be as useful for you if you don't have much waste, but I have found it great to have all leftovers in one place instead of putting scrapings into the bin. My next goal is to see if I can make a bag last 2 or more days.

You can buy Obeo online here - where you'll find subscription and bulk buy options (a 3 month subscription costs €21) or you can buy the small packs of boxes in some shops - have a look at the Obeo Facebook Page for more information or to find your local stockist.

Would I buy this myself? I would. I'm not sure I'd go for a subscription, but I would absolutely pick up a pack or two if I saw them in a shop, it's a great idea and it definitely made me more conscious of what I throw out. I don't think €7 a month is an excessive amount to pay if it helps divert food waste from landfills and helps keeps the bins a bit cleaner. I think this could be a dream product for people who compost at home.

Have you seen Obeo anywhere? Would you try it?


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