Saturday, December 12, 2015

China Glaze Holiday 2015 - Cheers Mini Mixers

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I don't really pay as much attention to new nail polish releases as I did a few years ago - I tend to keep an eye on what Essie are doing but I'm not up to date with the rest. However, I always look up the Holiday collections to see what's around for Christmas. This year, the 12 piece Cheers! collection from China Glaze caught my eye.

Obviously I didn't buy all 12 (mind you, stranger things have happened) - so I opted for the 6 piece mini collection, Mini Mixers.

I bought them on eBay from my usual seller, Beautyzone2007. They cost me just over €11 including tracked postage, and took about 10 days to arrive. Each mini has a decent 3.5ml in the bottle, which is more than enough, making them much better value than minis from some other nail polish brands.

I Soiree I Didn't Do It

Firstly, I think this name is ridiculous, but the colour itself is pretty. This was two coats - you'd get a quicker result with a green basecoat, but it built up quicker than I thought it would.

Mix and Mingle 

A purple creme that applied well, was opaque in one coat but still showed a bit of the nail underneath so I added a second coat. Nice glossy finish.

Better Not Pout

A gorgeous pinky purple, this is just one coat. It's glossy, it's pretty, but I'm not 100% sure it really suits my skintone.

Son of a Nutcracker

A fiery orange coral, this was the one polish I was sure I'd hate. I love the name so much (huge fan of ELF) but I thought that a colour like this would be awful. I couldn't have been more wrong - it's one of my favourites out of the six, it's almost lit from within. While it's not the most Christmassy colour in the world, it's really unique and I don't own anything like it. Swatch shows two coats.

Peppermint to Be

This was my least favourite of the bunch, mainly because I've seen it a million times before and it's not a colour that suits me. It's a red sparkle that takes a couple of coats to build up - swatches show two coats, but you could keep going to build it up. It's not my type of colour at all, but I can see why they included a red glitter in a Christmas collection, it's almost a given.

Don't Get Elfed Up

This is a dense, glossy glitter with blue, green and purple particles in a dark navy base. It's a pretty colour, it reminds me of a polish I used to own by Wet n Wild called The Parking Meteor Expired.

My favourites of the bunch are Son of a Nutcracker, Mix and Mingle  and Better Not Pout. I had no application or removal issues with any of the polishes. I'd have liked another glitter in the minis, and I think the collection could have done with a nice gold, but overall it's a nice collection and I'd recommend China Glaze.


  1. Ah these are a deal! I love the purple coloured one... Think it does suit your skin tone :-) xx Siobhan

  2. I agree a gold would have been great but it's a lovely little collection, every shade looks nice on your nails!

  3. I've never seen CG mini's before, they look so adorable! :)


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