Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday - Inspired By Your Favourite Food

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So, I missed Twinsie Tuesday last week because I just wasn't feeling nail polish at all - but I've more than made up for it this week (I swatched 19 nail polishes over 2 days to try and make the most of the light) - so here's this week's prompt AND one for last week.

Last Week: Autumn to Winter Transitional

Late October is the time of year when I start embracing glitter again. I don't tend to wear it at all during the Spring/Summer, but from Halloween on, it's like Ke$ha threw up on my nails. I like to ease in, so for my Autumn/Winter transition, I tend to stick to nudes, slate greys, minks - all those lovely muted colours that Essie are great at. Then I wallop a load of glitter on the ring finger. It's my go-to transitional look every year.

For this one, I used Vintage Girl by Madam Glam (swatched yesterday) and a new Rimmel polish called Mistletoe Mischief.

This week: Inspired by Your Favourite Food

I cheated. I have no idea what my favourite food is (just give me ALL the food) so I went with a Christmassy food instead. I used Sally Hansen Commander in Chic and Essie Matte About You for my base, then used some darker brown and lighter brown polishes to make dots, Rimmel White Hot Love for the cream, China Glaze Running in Circles for the holly leaves and a red nail art pen for the berries. I really like how my Christmas pudding turned out!

I can't wait to see what the other girls did for the food theme!

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  1. Ah the pudding is brilliant! I can't stand the taste of it but I love it in nail art form. It just screams Christmas to me! xx

  2. Haha "like Ke$ha threw up on my nails" - love it! Your pudding nails are super cute! :)

  3. The pudding design on your ring nails is so cute!

  4. Snap on the Rimmel polish! It's my favourite from that glitter line they brought out. I LOVE the pudding! I did pudding nails years back, I should give it another go. Love the fact that they're part matte too

  5. These are so cute!! I don't think I've ever actually had Christmas pudding haha

  6. Lol love that all the food is your favourite food - me too! Very cute manicures. I'm STILL wearing the black nail polish from Halloween - no time to do anything in the run-up to Christmas!
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  7. Omg 19 swatches in 2 days is pretty impressive! I actually almost never swatch... I love neutrals with glitter too :) and great job on the Christmas pudding nails! I've actually never had Christmas pudding before is that weird? Lol

  8. Ah Sharon I love your nail posts they're amazing! The glitter looks great. I'm still loving the accent nail trend! You've killed it - as usual xx Siobhan

  9. You nailed this look (sorry Sharon) :)

  10. OMG, I love both, but the Christmas pudding is simply clever!

  11. I'm glad you cheated because I cheated too! (I did cucumber nails, for goodness sake!)

  12. Glitter nails are great for this time of year :D


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