Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday - Inspired by My Children

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For this week, we had to do nails inspired by our children, a special child in your life, or our pets. I chose to do a simple mani inspired by my children - I have three boys. The eldest is 11 and the twins are 2.

I kept it very simple and used one coat (this is ONE COAT!) of A-England's Let Me In from the To Emily Bronte collection, then used Sally Hansen Game of Chromes and a dotting tool to do a heart for each boy on my ring finger. I sealed it with a coat of Essence Gel Topcoat.

For the background I used a notebook I got in TK Maxx with the slogan All you Need is Love on it plus a load of scribbles that the boys did when they got hold of it, so it should give you a sense of what the kids are like!

I still can't believe that I only needed one coat of the A-England, I adore their polishes. I have four now and I love every single one of them, the latest collection is stunning.

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  1. Ah red nails my absolute fav... Your snaps on the cape... I was pmsl... Xx Siobhan

  2. Beautiful. It's the simple manicure that make the most statement sometimes. I haven't been keeping up with A-England but that is a very pretty polish. I can't believe it was one coat!x

  3. Hey, I didn't know you had kids :) I love your hearts :)

  4. A very cute and simple manicure for your three children :)

  5. One coaters are the best! I like how elegant and simple this is :)

  6. Beautiful (post/message and your work). Simple, but it says so much.

  7. I love that you have done a heart for each of them. I only have one child (also an 11 year old boy), so I don't know how you cope with that (and the pre-teen hormones!) and two-year old twins, *and* still have time to paint your nails and to blog. Good on you!


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