Friday, November 6, 2015

Can €1.49 Makeup Be Any Good? Make Up Gallery by Dealz Review

Products Received From PR


A few weeks ago, I was sent a selection of products from the Dealz Make Up Gallery range (Poundland in the UK) to try out. I wasn't asked to review them, but I thought I'd show you, considering it's a tempting stand - as with all other items in the shop, every item on the Make Up Gallery stand is €1.49. This brand has had glowing reviews in Cosmopolitan and Vogue, but it's not a stand I've ever paid much attention to.

I have to admit, I was dubious - I had previously read Aisling's review, and had purchased a lip liner before that I wasn't happy with, it was too hard for a lip product. I decided to approach the products with an open mind, and I have mixed results - some might surprise you!

I was sent the Good To Glow Bronze Shimmer in 'Shimmer Light 3', the Feeling Blush Blusher in shade 'Coral Rose 4', a Colour Story Eyeshadow in shade 'Mocha 8', Pro Liquid Eyeliner in shade 'Space Grey 2', two Time to Shine nail polishes in shades 'Purple Sheen' (purple) and 'Teal Tinsel' (green glitter), an All About the Pout lipstick in shade 'Raspberry Smoothie', and a Pout it Out lip liner in shade 'Red 4'. I wasn't mad about the colour of the lipstick or nail polishes, so I went and bought another lipstick in a dark purple shade 'Plum Pout' and a sparkly raspberry nail polish 'Scarlet Sparkle' just so that I could try the stuff properly without the colour putting me off.

Bronzer: Quite powdery, there was a lot of fallout. I did like how it looked, but you'd need to apply a lot of it to build it up to the colour in the pan. It was very, very subtle.

Blusher:  Nice, again very buildable but not as powdery as the bronzer.The colour was really pretty.

Eyeshadow: Really lovely - I wasn't expecting it to be that pigmented at all and it was a pleasant surprise. It was buttery soft.

Liquid Eyeliner: It annoys me slightly when cheaper brands label things as "Pro" - that implies Professional, and this is definitely not professional. I had never used a grey liner before, so I was looking forward to trying it. The colour was spot on, a dark cool grey. The formula was fine, the line was thicker than I expected from the thin nib but I had no issues with it. It was easy to apply, it lasted about 5-6 hours, until I rubbed my eye and it came off. I liked the colour payoff, and it was easy to use.

Lipstick: Surprisingly good payoff from these! I enjoyed the  plum shade, it was slightly frosted and quite pigmented, really unique and a great colour if I want a pop of something interesting. I was very aware that it was on my lips - it didn't tingle or sting, but I could feel it there the whole time I was wearing it.

Lipliner: There's no swatch of this, because I detested it. It was hard, it felt like drawing on my lips with a colouring pencil, just like the other shade I'd bought a year before. I also felt my lips tingling while I wore it - I had some kind of reaction and really wanted to scrub it off immediately, this was the big let-down of the range for me.

Nail Polish: While I was swatching these, I remembered that my then 10-year-old son had given me one for Christmas last year, 'Rainbow Sparkle' so I included that. These were brilliant nail polishes - they applied perfectly, the brush was good, they didn't smell as strong as some other cheap brands (hello Penneys) and the one I've worn as a full mani stayed put until  I removed it on Day 3. These polishes are really good and they've some gorgeous glitters in the range.

Here's a look at the products in action - I'm wearing a Catrice foundation and mascara and an Urban Decay brow pencil, but everything else is from Make Up Gallery (Blusher, Bronzer, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick).

Here's the same makeup with the other lipstick:

Overall Verdict - I like the nail polish, blusher, lipstick and eyeliner. I'm 50/50 on the bronzer, I hate the lipliner, I really like the eyeshadow. Of all the products, I will definitely check out the other eyeshadows and nail polishes in the range. I think that the bronzer and blusher would be great for people who aren't confident with that aspect of their makeup, because they're so buildable and aren't highly pigmented. The packaging is nice, but I don't know how travel friendly it would be. I do wish that the makeup lasted a little longer, but at €1.49 a pop I wouldn't mind a touch-up (careful).

Overall I don't think I'd wear a full face of makeup from the brand on any given day, but I'd definitely incorporate one or two things from the range for doing everyday makeup, specifically the eyeshadows.

Have you tried anything from the range, or would you be interested?


  1. Your achieved a pretty nice makeup look using these inexpensive items.

  2. I didn't know Dealz was Poundland! I have tried some other polishes from there but not the makeup gallery ones :)

  3. Ah Jaysus! 1.50 that's mad! I like the vampy lip on you xx

  4. sharon you look absolutely beautiful in the pics. i haven't seen this make up before but i think that green nail polish is going to be fabulous for christmas!


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