Friday, November 13, 2015

Berry on a Budget - 10 Lipsticks and 10 Polishes for Winter

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Makeup in berry tones for Autumn/Winter is hardly a revolutionary concept, but it's one that's embraced with open arms every year. I thought I'd show you 10 lipsticks and 10 polishes from my stash, keeping it to as many budget brands as I can. Truth be told I almost bought a new MAC lipstick specifically for inclusion in this post until I discovered that they were now €20??!! Eh, no. Items in this post start at a teeny tiny €1.30 and go up to €12, so there should be something here to suit most budgets.


I adore berry coloured nails at this time of year. I love how they can be dressed up or down, and how there are so many different shades from rich reds to deep burgundies and dark plums. Bonus - dark colours look amazing on short nails, so you don't need to worry about trying to grow them.

You can't beat Rimmel and Catrice for on-trend colours on a budget. Both apply beautifully, both give great shine, and both brands have a fantastic range of polishes. A-England are an indie brand that specialize in beautiful holographic polishes. I wore this polish in full for my most recent Twinsie Tuesday post, so you can see a close-up of the holo. The Penneys Gel Effect polish takes a good 3 coats to build up to the colour on the swatch - I'm dubious of anything claiming to be gel-like, but it's a  nice polish and it's only €2. The Makeup Gallery one is €1.49, I spoke a little more about it here.

I'm a big fan of CND's Vinylux Weekly Polish range. You can get the entire range on, they're a great longlasting polish. Rimmel's Velvet Matte finish is one I wouldn't be overly familiar with - I just found this on a stand and loved the look of it (although why it's called red is baffling). Essie's 'In the Lobby' is from their Fall 2015 'Leggy Legend' collection, swatched here. Sally Hansen are great, they frequently crop up in Dealz for €1.49 a pop but they're very much worth their full price. Barry M are another great brand that do a lot of trend-driven things but they have a solid permanent line.


I'm still a little bit afraid of very dark lips, but I've found lots of lip products that sit on just the right side of Goth Me Circa 2000.

Some of them look a little darker on the swatch than they do on the lips, so here are some swatches of them on:

The NYX Butter Glosses are a great way of getting berry lips without the longevity of a lipliner or lipstain. They leave a really glossy finish and they smell amazing! The P.S Love one is only €1.30 from Penneys, and the Make Up Gallery one costs just €1.49 from Dealz. It was really hard to photograph for some unknown reason, it's much darker, as you can see here. Both lipsticks are good, I had no issues at all. I did have issues with that Rimmel one - this is from their new line, called "The Only 1". I struggle with lipstick in non-traditional bullet form and you can tell by my dire application, but the colour is nice.

If you haven't tried any Catrice lipstick, you're missing out - they're fantastic quality and they have a huge range. Their nudes are particularly gorgeous, but they're always my first stop for a good budget lipstick. Rimmel's Apocalips range is still one of my favourites, long lasting liquid lipstick with great pigmentation. Essence do fantastic budget lipliners (check out Satin Mauve), and the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers do not budge once they're applied. Wet 'n' Wild have a great range of affordable lip products too, their Megaslicks Balm Stains are chunky lip crayons that last ages and give a gloss finish.

I'm very pale, so hopefully if you're of similar skintone then this will help you find something for this season that doesn't scare you!


  1. Great choices, I really love the new Rimmel lipsticks:)

  2. Really great nail polish and lip colors in berry shades!

  3. wow sharon, what a brilliant post! plenty of choices anyway for all things berry. this is why i love winter :)

  4. I love berry tones too. Penneys have another lipstick, in a square gold tube that's lovely, think it's called Ladies Day or something.

  5. Ah I've screen grabbed the shizz outta these swatches cause you've helped and put the name beside them. The work you put into your posts is outstanding miss green eyes xx


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