Friday, October 9, 2015

Yankee Candles Halloween 2015

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I'm a huge, HUGE fan of Yankee Candles. I've a box full of wax tarts and tealights in the press, and I've gone through several large jars. Even if I buy other brands I still use Yankee. No doubt this will read like a sponsored post, but rest assured it's not, it's just a brand that I absolutely adore and I want to show you everything. I bought and paid for my Halloween items myself.

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I'm almost certain that this was the theme for 2014 - there are still a number of Boney items in stock on the Irish website, and they're all reduced.

Top Row: Boney Cat Tea Light Holder - now €5.95 here. Boney Wedding Couple Taper Candle Holder - now €9.95 here.
Bottom Row: Boney Dead Neck Votive Holder - now €5.95 here. Boney Toasting Couple Votive Holder - now €9,95 here.


New for 2015. I fell in love with the black cat melt warmer! The black cat range is available on both the Irish and UK sites.

Black Cat Jar Clinger - €4.50 here or £3.99 here.
Black Cat Jar Holder - €14.95 here or £12.99 here.
Black Cat Wax Burner - €24.95 here.


Spiderweb Illumalid - £5.99 here.
Spiderweb Votive Holder - €7.95 here or £5.69 here.
Spiderweb Jar Holder - €14.95 here or £11.99 here.

There are two annual scents that always appear around Halloween - Candy Corn and Witches' Brew. There's also a Trick or Treat candle, but it can be quite hard to find. The 2 main scents come in wax tarts, votives, and jars. I also like Midsummers Night around Halloween, it's available all year round.

Candy Corn Tealights 12 pack - €3.95 here.  Candy Corn Votive - €1.25 here.
Candy Corn Medium Jar - €9.95 here. Trick or Treat Medium jar - €9.95 here.

The UK site has the repackaged editions of Candy Corn and Witches' Brew - if you're a sucker for packaging like me, these might be up your alley:

Wax Tart - £1.45 here. Votive - £1.75 here. Medium Jar - £16.99 here

Wax Tart - £1.20 here. Votive - £1.75 here. Medium Jar - £16.99 here

Votive Holders

These little votive holders are new for 2015, and they're so cute. 

Frankenstein, Skull and Pumpkin - €7.95 here or £6.49 here, here and here

Midsummer's Night Tart - €1.95 here or £1.45 here.
Pumpkin Wax Burner - €11.95 here or £9.49 here. have a flat rate of €3.95 shipping per order, or free if you spend over €39. post to Ireland for max £3.95 per order, free UK shipping over £30 (Parcel Motel it!)

I'll have another one of these posts with all the Yankee Christmas products in November.

Here's my Halloween Collection (so far). I found the lantern for €17.95 in my local chemist.

Spot anything you like?


  1. Love, love, love the black cat ones! I saw them all in store a few days but had to resist every temptation to buy one when I was trying to get a birthday present for a friend! Not sure she would have appreciated a Happy Birthday skeleton...

    1. Haha you never know!! I saw the cat online and I kept thinking about it, my husband got it for me just to shut me up!

  2. Sharon I'm a massive fan of Yankee Candle. My favourite scents are 'in love' and the Cuocake one. They're such a great deal. Siobhan xx

    1. Oh I've never smelled the love one! Cosy by the Fire and Fireside Treats are my current faves for Autumn, all summer I loved the Sicilian Lemon one and Vanilla Lime x

  3. they are absolutely class. i love the skeleton ones, even though i don't really like halloween.

    1. There's something very New Orleans about the Skeletons I think (maybe I'm just being an eejit) but I can't wait for Halloween every year to see what theme they go with! x

  4. I'm loving your Halloween picks! Yankee Candle is my absolute favourite. I currently have the Coconut Bay air freshener hanging in my car.. I like to pretend I'm somewhere exotic on the creche run. As you do :-)
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  5. I love that cat wax burner! How cool! Loving all the Halloween candles, if they weren't so heavy I'd have brought them all home in my suitcase!

  6. I got the cat wax burner for Christmas last year its great, I haven't seen the bones accessories in shops yet but they look fab. Witches brew is a very 'me' scent, apparently it is patchouli and midsummers night all in one.


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