Friday, September 11, 2015

Treat Yo Self - Friday Treats Under €3

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There are few things in life that feel as good as taking off your bra at the end of the day or throwing your hair up in a hun bun with a massive scrunchie - but Friday Treats are right up there. Knowing that you have something to look forward to at the end of a long week has pulled me through some weeks (even though technically when you're a stay at home parent the week never ends).

Having had a look over the household budget the other day and nearly vomited, I have resolved to stop trawling the virtual shelves of Brown Thomas and House of Fraser and promised myself I will only buy what I need.

But that's no fun.

So I'm on a tenner pocket money for the foreseeable future, a tenner a week that I can spend on things for me. Or I can save my tenner and carry it into the next week. I still feel like I'm spending money and buying stuff but I'm not bankrupting us (mind you, a tenner a week is still €520 a year...).

With that in mind, I thought I'd show you some of my favourite Friday Treats - and not only are they all under €10, they're all under €3. Don't tell me I'm not good to you.

Stellar Magazine

The first one is Stellar magazine - I used to buy this but stopped because I didn't like the tone of some articles. When Kirstie McDermott of fame took on the role of editor early this year with Rosemary MacCabe as deputy ed, I said I'd give it a go again - and haven't missed an issue yet. It's like the love child of the teen mags of the 90s and the old It's a brilliant magazine and worth double the €1.95 asking price. Alexa Chung(wan) is on the cover for October, on stands now.


What would Irish people do without Penneys? It can sometimes be hard to keep a sensible head on when I walk in the door of Penneys and get bombarded with ALL THE THINGS, but here are three great little pick-me-ups for under €2. Yes, those are gold sparkly socks. They come in silver too! The lipliner has been much raved about, it's a great quality liner for the teeny tiny price (in depth review by Lorrrrrrrrrrrrraine here) and the lashes are a recent purchase for me after seeing both Rosie Connolly (rosieconxxx) and Cherry Sue (itscherrysue) talk about them on Snapchat. Apparently the glue is a dud though, so you'll need something a bit stronger (I've never had an issue with Eylure).

Local Chemist

I've featured Catrice nail polish on this blog many, many times - for €2.99 you can't go wrong. Available in a huge number of shades and finishes, this one is Caught on the Red Carpet  and it's a vampy wine red perfect for Autumn. (Róisín had swatches of this shade up yesterday, coincidentally). Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks are also just €2.99 each - this one is Just Peachy but there are loads of shades available. Dani has swatches of the entire collection here. Finally, Celtic Candles do these little wax melts - made from organic plant wax and available in scrumptious fragrances like Pink Grapefruit & Champagne and White Jasmine, this one, Limeleaf & Ginger is a current favourite of mine. Also available on their website.


Poundland's Irish sister can be a treasure trove when it comes to decent brands at amazingly low prices. I've heard people speculate that it's very old stock - but that Sally Hansen nail polish Coat of Arms was part of the Prabal Gurung Designer collection in late 2013. I've seen Maybelline Color Show nail polishes in there too. The Rimmel Glitter Bomb polishes aren't that old either. That Maybelline shadow is a Hypercosmos shadow that I'm using as blush/highlighter that was in Japanese packaging. Hard to believe that the three items came to under €4.50!

So - am I missing anything else? I know that there are loads of snacks and crap out there but I'm trying to get away from the whole treat = food mentality so if you have any other treat suggestions under a tenner, fiver, or for mere cents, hit me!


  1. Absolutely agree with your statement that Stellar has improved. It us totally superior to all the glossy mags out there.

    I lovr a barganous treat. Tiger is always good for a cheap find.

  2. You are the queen of the bargains! Love this post and now I totally want to get the socks ;) I'm 100% with you on Stellar, it's brilliant and I haven't missed an issue since Kirstie took over :)

  3. The make-up/cosmetic bargains you can find in Dealz are unbeatable! I'm in the mood for some more nail varnish :) x

  4. Ah love them all and especially wanna try the Penneys lashes - I mean what's wrong with me that I haven't picked them up yet! Dope! Can't wait to get my hands on Stellar! Siobhan xx

  5. Love Penneys too much. Went in there yesterday for something (can remember what now) but left with scarves, t-shirts and more bloody make-up! For a treat under a tenner, I love Vogue magazine and a Butler's coffee with the free chocolate (Baileys please!). Heaven x
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  6. Brilliant bargains, I want those socks!

  7. Love this post! I love Dealz, if you spend 5 mins rooting you can always find something good. And I just bought that lipliner as well on Friday!

  8. Great bargains, Wet and Wild needs to come to England!


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