Friday, September 18, 2015

Latest in Beauty Glamour Beauty Power List 2015.

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I've spoken about the Latest in Beauty boxes here before - I genuinely think they are the very best beauty boxes out there - or at least the very best ones available to us here in Ireland. A bit of housekeeping out of the way first - you will need to use Parcel Motel to order them, they don't post to Ireland. I have a post explaining how Parcel Motel works here.

I bought two boxes recently - The Latest in Beauty Award Winners 2015 box, and the Glamour Beauty Power List 2015.

Today I thought I'd show you the Glamour one, and I'll show you the Award Winners one tomorrow. As with all my beauty box reviews, details of pricing and links to where you can find the products are under each photo.

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream

Full or Sample: Full, 50ml | Price: Currently €10.99 (as of September 18th) | Available at: Boots

This was what prompted me to buy this box. Much loved by Lorraine from John It's Only Makeup, I've wanted to try this for ages and I was delighted to see it here. I'm currently using up a Trilogy night cream that I bought because Caroline Hirons recommended it (hang on, are you jumping off a cliff? Wait for me!) and it's just not for me, so when it's finished I'll be dipping into this.

Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood Base Coat

Full or Sample: Full, 14ml | Price: €18 | Available: Brown Thomas

While I'm not a huge fan of Nails Inc polishes - I think they're overpriced - I love trying new nail treatments and I'm really glad this was in here. Infused with Kale protein, this apparently helps to strengthen the nails. Could be a total gimmick but the worst thing that could happen is nothing, right?

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask

Full or Sample: Sample, 10ml | Price: €5.61 approx | Available: Cloud Ten Beauty

This is a hydrating night mask that also provides a buildable, natural tan. I haven't tried this yet because I'm so afraid of tan on my face, but I will give it a go.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara - Midnight Blue

Full or Sample: Sample, 4ml | Price: €8.71 approx | Available: ASOS

Available in a choice of blue or black, I got the blue one in my box. I've had a few Eyeko bits in beauty boxes before, and they've always been good quality. I'm not sure if I can pull blue mascara off but we'll see! The black version of this is much loved by celebs the world over, so I'm hopeful for this one.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Supershine Nail Polish

Full or Sample: Full, 8ml | Price: €4.99 | Available: Boots

Available in a number of different shades, I got the shade 'Glaston-Berry' from the Rita Ora range. This is a cherry red cream with a high shine - I never buy red nail polish so this is a welcome addition to the stash for nail art purposes. I already have a couple of the Rita Ora polishes and they're brilliant (except the yellow one).

Philip Kingsley Geranium & Neroli Elasticizer

Full or Sample: Sample, 40ml | Price: €11.67 approx | Available: Feel Unique

This is a pre-shampoo treatment for hair. It improves manageability and adds shine. This scent is gorgeous - a mix of geranium, neroli, rose, lavender and orange, it's inspired by holidays in Italy. For very dry hair, it's recommended to lightly dampen your hair, massage the product in, and leave in overnight. Really, really looking forward to trying this!

Kiko Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush

Full or Sample: Full, 10g | Price: €7.90 | Available: KIKO

KIKO is a brand that often crops up in these Glamour boxes. I got shade number 07, 'Natural Rose' - it's a light mauve colour with great payoff (I'll show you a swatch further down the page). I'm still a bit scared of creamy blushes, but this isn't too scary. I still wouldn't wallop it on straight out of the stick without blending, but it's a nice alternative to powder blushers. 

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

Full or Sample: Full, 3g | Price: €10.99 | Available: Boots

I received the shade 'Gladiolus', a bright blue-based red. These lipsticks are a gel consistency, and they are true to the shade in the bullet. One coat gives a bright, vibrant, really pigmented lip. Unfortunately I don't wear red lipstick but I love how this feels and it's almost worth buying one just so you can hear the click when you twist the lipstick back down. The definition of satisfaction... This is very fragranced, it's kind of a perfumey smell, not off-putting to me but some may not like it. 

Here's a quick swatch of the Revlon lippie and the KIKO blush:

And that's it - the box costs £18.99 + £3.95 postage, which works out at £22.94 or one thousand euro with the current exchange rate. Ah no, it's just over €30. You can order it here but you'll need to use Parcel Motel. I do think it's good value - if I were to order everything seperately today I'd be paying €78.86 - not a bad deal there at all for some genuinely great brands. If I had to change one thing I'd stop putting red lip products in any beauty boxes, there are so many people who don't wear red.

Anything tempting you? Check back tomorrow for the Award Winners one!


  1. That box looks unreal some really good stuff in it! I'm dying to try out one of the beauty boxes but I never liked the look of glossybox x

    1. I signed up for Glossybox in January and it was okay for the first few months but it just got worse throughout the year and the last 2 I got were absolutely crap!

  2. I've ordered one of these and I agree they're one of the next box services and I like that you can see what you're ordering

    1. I love that too - plus they don't seem to include any tiny samples or filler products.

  3. Some really great products in this box!

  4. Holy Toledo Batman! Sorry that did literally jump into my heads And it looks like a spam comment!
    Ok firstly this little haul is serious for €30 and I'd love to try Kiko products just thought I'd tell you that! but Amy box that gives me lippies and nail polish - is a winner!
    PS 99 sleeps to Christmas!
    SorrySharon most random comments, I'm hyper! 😜 Siobhan

    1. LESS than 99 sleeps to Christmas now Siobhan, we're into double figures, WOOOO!! Anything that I've tried from KIKO has been good, wait for their sales! x

  5. I have the Nails Inc base and haven't made my mind up about it yet. Tried the normal scented Elastizer and didn't think it did anything for me which was a shame.

    1. Oh that's a pity, I hate when cult products like that are a let down. I wouldn't have bought the Nails Inc myself so I'm intrigued by it!


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