Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tag: The A-Z of Me


I was tagged ages ago to do this by one of my favourite bloggers, Danielle from Lilliwhite Rose - but it has taken me so long to fill in all the blanks! Anyway, I'm fairly happy with how it is, even though some letters were like Sophie's Choice and others sat looking at me for weeks - but here is my A-Z of me!

A: I am completely, utterly, hopelessly addicted to shopping. I'm allergic to money - I can't wait to get rid of it. I try to keep my sensible Mammy head on and always get the adult responsible things out of the way first, but after that - just let me loose in a chemist for an hour. The fact that I love getting post too doesn't help - combine the both of them and you have someone who probably owns a share in most of the major beauty websites at this stage.

B: Fellow Buffy fans don't even need me to say anything else here - you get it. There are no words for how much of an effect this TV show had on me as a teenager - it introduced me to a world of strong females, quick wits, and some utterly fantastic drama. You want to know something? I still haven't watched all of the last episode. You want to know something else? I'm going to roll this next picture out again, because.......well, any excuse. I'll never laugh at a fandom again.

C: My Mam played the Organ at mass for years, so I was up singing with the choir from a very young age, I used to do solos for Communions. Alas, the dreaded self-consciousness of my teenage years thwarted my public singing, so I was too nervous and shy to join in with the choir at school.

D: I'm a huge daydreamer. I'd say I easily waste two hours a day thinking about stuff that won't happen, or things I'd do if I were thin/rich/someone else, or imagining scenarios or even having fake arguments with people who piss me off. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does that?!

E: I've been to England three times, and to the Isle of Man once. Other than that, I've never left the country. I've always wanted to go to America and Iceland, one day I will get there!

F: I watch the entire ten seasons of Friends at least once a year. I can quote it on demand, and some of my happiest text exchanges with my sister have just been constant Friends quotes over and back for hours!

G: I've always held Gone With the Wind up there with my favourite movies. I watch it every Christmas and again during the year - but I read the book for the first time recently. It was genuinely one of the most pleasurable reading experiences of my adult life - I fail to see how anything could come remotely close to how much I enjoyed it. An epic, wonderful, book, one I was so sad to finish. I will be re-reading it. More than once.

H: I drank so much coffee when I was feeding the twins at night that it triggered an abnormal heart rhythm. As a result, I can't have caffeine at all now or it sets it off galloping for days on end. I haven't had caffeinated coffee or coke in nearly a year, and don't miss it. I love the taste of coffee so I have decaff.

I: I love being from Ireland. Despite the backwards nature of our country in some respects, I do think we are moving with the times. I feel that in a small country like this, we pull together really well - there's such an enormous sense of pride and camraderie when something happens like the passing of the Same Sex Marriage Referendum, or Ireland winning the Six Nations. Yes, there can be begrudgery, but there are enough good people out there to squash that down. It's a beautiful country too, I never tire of looking at pictures of our landscape.

J: I live in jeans. My favourites are the bootcut ones from the Inspire range at New Look - there's an extra bit of material around the stomach, so instead of accentuating the dreaded C-Section pouch, they pull right up over it. I actually only own one pair of trousers that aren't jeans - and they're long shorts for walking.

K: I have my Kindle Fire about a year now, and it's one of the best things I've ever bought. I swore I'd stop buying paperbacks to save space (which didn't happen) but I love how portable the Kindle is and how I can carry hundreds of books with me. Oh alright, I also use it to play Pet Rescue before I go to sleep. Busted.

L: I'm a big list person. I make lists of lists. I have different notebooks for different lists. I am that person who sits down at the end of the year and watches those "Top 100 Greatest Movie Moments" shows with an A4 pad and a pen. Complete listaholic.

M: I can't imagine life without music. It's a huge part of our every day life, even if it's just humming a song or singing along to the radio. I love so many different kinds of music, I'm really enjoying Spotify when I'm out walking, and I love how diverse music is. There's a lot of shit out there too, but it's worth wading through to get to the good stuff.

O: My confirmation name is Olivia. Our sixth class teacher at school said we had to take a Saint's name, so I was determined to find something other than Mary. I had to bring in a religious calendar and point out where it said St. Olivia's feast day to prove that she was a saint - her feast day is June 10th. Apparently she was a young teenager who cured people and therefore was beheaded, which is grim.......When I started secondary school, one of the topics of conversation that first week was what we all picked for our Confirmation names. Our school was the only one made to choose saints - the girl next to me said "Melissa, after Melissa George, Angel in Home and Away" - I was livid, but I'm grateful now because christ knows what I would have picked given free reign. Amazing how much fuss there is over a name you will never, ever, EVER use. Although it filled up the "O" slot of this, so there's that....

P: I have met both female Presidents of Ireland. My sister and Mam and I went to a garden party in 1995/1996 when Mary Robinson was President, which is a cool thing to have done. I met President McAleese in a tiny pub in the back end of Co. Leitrim one night, I vaguely remember saying something lick-arsey to her but she was great craic, dancing round the place (with other people, obviously, not just dancing round on her own like a mad yoke).

Q: I was an Internet Quizmaster for a few months back about 6/7 years ago. I worked the odd shift in the Quiz Room on Prodigits, a wap site. I spent hours devising and hosting themed quizzes (all on a phone). So much work and effort put into it and my husband could not fathom what I was at. Nor can I, looking back.......a supreme waste of time.

R: Reading will always be my first love. I have been a reader since I could read, and I have devoured books since I was old enough to take them from the library on a Friday evening. Some day I will do a post on how I read so much but to me it's just what I've always done, I never understand when people think it's impressive to read 12 or 14 books in a month - I used to be able to do 6 a week!

S: My sister is one of my two best friends (the other being my husband). She gets me instantly, and she always knows what I'm on about (a rare skill). I love her to pieces and I'm so glad to have her. She blogs sporadically too, you can follow her here.

T: I am a twin Mammy. Most of you know that my twin boys were a complete shock - I was told up to 28 weeks that it was one baby, then I asked for a scan because I was worried about the placenta from my previous pregnancy - and I heard "I think I see another head". Big mad rush to Dublin and consultants and clinics and yep, there were two of 'em in there. They were born on October 1st 2013, and they are wired, but they are brilliant. They're such craic and I love watching them learning every day. People ask some bloody weird questions when you have twins though.......that's a blog post in itself .....

U: Is for utterly ridiculous. This is a phrase my husband and I say regularly, no idea why, if one of us says "that's ridiculous" the other will always go "utterly ridiculous" in a faux posh voice. No idea where it started!

V: One of the nicest engagement presents we got in 2012 was a Belleek vase. It's tall, cream, and holds a small to medium bunch of flowers. I keep a fresh bunch in it every week, and I adore it, it doesn't take up too much space but it brightens up the kitchen and makes me feel happy. So thank you A&A!

W: One of the benefits of doing several courses after leaving college early was that I became a pretty fast touch typist. I still do the odd typing test to keep me up to speed (pun intended), this morning I was at 89 wpm which is a little slow for me but I'm so grateful that it's something I learned to do, it has come in so handy.

X: I've broken a few bones and had a few X-Rays, but my most recent one was a few months ago when I had to have a dental x-ray because my dental records showed that all my back teeth were missing. A clerical error, apparently. Which is slightly worrying. But anyway - all is right once more.

Y: I look younger than my age and probably always will. I was always the one out of the group who couldn't get into a nightclub. I get asked for ID buying wine, my husband has been confused for my father, and I have been mistaken for my 10 year old's older sister. When I was in the hospital having the twins, I would get "oh, you're so young for twins" - grand, just shove one back in so - I think not looking my age has contributed to never feeling like an adult. Because I don't. AT ALL.

Z: I want to take the boys to the zoo this year but the logistics of it terrify me. I get all flustered at the thoughts of the double buggy on various methods of public transport but I am going to do it, I'll bring my sister (and sandwiches) - I love the zoo and could walk round it for hours! Although I probably won't wear ballet slippers the next time I go........seriously don't know what goes on in my head sometimes.....

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you read this and would like a go, please do let me know where I can read your post!


  1. I love this post! I still live my life by Friends - they've an episode for every eventuality in life.. Someone ate your lunch in work? Check! Your evil twin starred in porn movie pretending to be you? Check! You decide to become a surrogate for your brother's triplets? Check! Every eventuality... my sister and husband are my best friends too. Both have always supported me unconditionally - it's a blessing. Loved reading this x

    1. Yes!! It is a problem though when you live with someone who doesn't like Friends and doesn't get your quotes - that's why it's so good to have an equally addicted sister! Thanks Becca xx

  2. I loved this! Now I feel like I know all the things about you ;P You always inspire me to read more and while my dad would kill me from the grave for getting a kindle, I've been buying more books recently, so thanks for that :)

    1. Thank you Karen! Reading is probably my most favourite thing in the world ever so it's lovely when people say they've found a book or they've made time to read xx

  3. "I'm going to bring my sister (and sandwiches)" love it. I love reading how you write. I too am a fan of lists which is why I'm going to take your open invitation and starting working on this myself.

    1. Thank you Claire! I'm looking forward to reading it x

  4. I love my Kindle too but it hasn't stopped me from buying my paperbacks :) Gone with the Wind is one of my all time fave movies & books. Thanks for doing the tag and if you do make it to the zoo let me know, I'll come up from Wexford :-) xxx

    1. I had to publish it Danielle, I couldn't delete your lovely comment! I will definitely let you know in advance, we're going this year if it kills me x

  5. You had an x-ray as your dental records showed your back teeth were all missing? Surely it's as simple as "Say ahhhhhhhhh. Yes, they're there!"

    1. When he said my dental records needed to be up to date and that it was important they were correct, we both knew he meant "in case of a terrible accident" but nobody said it, it was the weirdest atmosphere......

  6. A WAP site! Oh my god, I only vaguely remember those. That's the oddest bit of trivia ever!

    I'm bringing my godson to the Zoo in a few weeks and am already mentally packing. The price of a few scaldy chips is unreal, 100% packing a lunch for us all. And water! I was sure they used to have fountains all around the place but didn't see a single on when I took the childerbeasts last year. Hope you get there soon!

    1. I don't think I saw a fountain when I was there either, just a couple of incredibly overpriced shops!! Definitely packing all the food and drink. I know, the WAP thing is just bizarre......the amount of time I used to spend on it was outrageous.


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