Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Essie Summer Neon Collection 2015


Essie seem to have a new collection out every few months - and you'll hear no complaints from me in that department. This is their Summer Neon Collection for 2015 - Make Some Noise (that's what it's called, I'm not being twee).

I bought the mini kit, containing four of the shades. The more I look at Groove is in the Heart the more I wish I had ordered it too. I may have just ordered it. Maybe. 

Anyway - here's the kit I got from my usual eBay seller (Beautyzone2007).

The shades included are (L-R) Make Some Noise, All Access Pass, Coacha' Bella, and Vibrant Vibes. 

Let's have a look at them individually, because there are a couple of things I want to mention. As always, swatches are indoors and outdoors.

Make Some Noise

This blue was quite hard to photograph, it's a little darker than it appears here but it's a beauty - and this was ONE COAT. It levelled out beautifully, and dried really quickly.

All Access Point

I had issues with this one - the formula was quite strange. I love the colour, it's a gorgeous blurple that looks really vibrant, but it kept glooping on me while I was applying it. It was almost as if it were drying too quickly and sticking to itself. I haven't read about any issues with this anywhere else, so it may have been my bottle - but this wasn't my favourite of the bunch.

Coacha' Bella

Described as "molten magenta", I think this was my favourite of the four. It's really bright and happy, and not always a colour I see in Summer collections. No application issues at all with this one.

Vibrant Vibes

This was a little streaky but dried out well. That's two coats in the picture, I could have done with another light one. It's not a colour I'd go for myself - it doesn't do anything for my skin tone - but it would be fantastic with a tan and it's a really lovely colour for the time of year.

Overall I'm impressed, but Essie are a fairly reliable brand anyway. One thing I'd say about the neons - they're not traditional neons like the OPI or China Glaze ones, they're easier to work with (with the exception of All Access Point) and they didn't have that slightly rubbery finish.

Anything catching your eye? Have you also got Groove is in the Heart by Dee-Lite on a loop in your head?


  1. The Blues look lovely also love the purple pink shade. Very pretty. I ordered groove is in the heart a few weeks back. It's kinda streaky and needs a few coats to look good. I could have gotten a shitty bottle haha.

    1. Ah shite, did you try a white under it? I ordered it yesterday, wish I could order the mini bottles individually, I'd save a fortune...

  2. I have actually yet to try an Essie polish - say it with me: Worst. Beauty blogger. Ever. - but these colours actually speak to my soul (Not to be melodramatic or anything!) I can't even choose which shade I like most. I genuinely need these right now.

    1. Here, I can't say a thing after my Urban Decay confession a while ago!! They are gorgeous colours, I love the lime in the pictures but I think it makes my hands look odd. A combination of a couple of them would be brilliant!

  3. These look fab great colours :)

  4. Ooh so purty! I love the darker blue it's a gorgeous shade

  5. I love essie polishes and I love these colors!

  6. oh wow! I'm loving that lime green!

  7. The green is lovely but I wish it was a 2 coater. It's a great set though, nice wearable colours. x


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