Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Now That's What I Call Music! Collab with Rare Opal #2


So, last time around, I showed you the picture of me with the strange face and the bumbag while I rambled about Now That's What I Call Music 34. The next one in the NOW series that I owned was this one - Now 38. And I had it on CD! Yay!

Check Breige's second post out here.

The 38th installment in the series was released in November 1997. I was 14, I had just gone into third year at school, my Junior Cert year. This album is full of stuff that all my classmates loved at the time - if you're from the Midlands region and familiar with Shannonside Radio, you'll probably have listened to a lot of this stuff on Mike Mulvihill's Power Hour at night. I used to listen to it on my walkman and tape stuff off the radio, and we used to dare each other at school to phone in fake requests. We didn't have a house phone, but my Nana did - I remember phoning in a request for one of my friends and a boy we all thought was gross (we were 14) congratulating them on their marriage and my Nana overheard and went BALLISTIC, gave me a lecture about wasting money on lies!

In 1997, I read a lot of Just Seventeen and Bliss magazines, I put up a lot of posters, I listened to my walkman a lot, I made tapes, I wore the trackie bottoms with the poppers up the side, I started to experiment with makeup (I had one purple eyeshadow and started to pluck my eyebrows), I made friendship bracelets and sold them for £1 each at school then used the money to buy Spectacular nail polish, I was nearing the end of my obsessive Spice Girls phase, I hated my hair and I loved my dog. I read six library books a week, I really wanted a Dear Diary, and I had a brand new pair of Dubarry shoes that September that I was so proud of. I also sold this CD to a girl at school in January 1998 for £5. To buy nail polish.

I was a huge fan of 5ive, I had two penpals (if your name is Kelly, you lived in Sheffield in 1997, had a best friend named Dale, loved nail polish and swapped cut-out pictures of Titanic-related things with a girl from Ireland, I'd love to know where you are now!). My other penpal was named Emma, I do remember her last name but I don't remember where she was from - she was another nail polish obsessive (I think I found them both in Bunty) and she HAD A COMPUTER! Emma's letters were typed and printed, and we used to dab little dots of nail polish on our letters when we'd get a new one.

There's an actual real example of one of the mixtapes I made around 1997/1998 in this post about music from my youth here.

Here's the Now 38 tracklist:

CD One

  • Chumbawumba - Tubthumping
  • Spice Girls - Spice Up Your Life
  • Hanson - Where's The Love
  • Boyzone - Picture of You
  • Backstreet Boys - As Long as You Love Me
  • Eternal - Angel of Mine
  • Lighthouse Family - Raincloud
  • Janet Jackson - Got 'Til It's Gone
  • The Brand New Heavies - You've Got a Friend
  • All Saints - I Know Where It's At
  • Louise - Arms Around The World
  • Gala - Freed From Desire
  • Sash! ft. La Trec - Stay
  • Dario G - Sunchyme
  • Tina Moore - Never Gonna Let You Go
  • Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing
  • N-Trance ft Rod Stewart - Do You Think I'm Sexy
  • LL Cool J - Phenomenon
  • 911 - Party People...Friday Night
  • Ricky Martin - Maria
  • Bellini - Samba De Janeiro 
  • DJ Quicksilver - Free
CD Two
  • Wet Wet Wet - Yesterday
  • George Michael - You Have Been Loved
  • The Verve - The Drugs Don't Work
  • Oasis - Stand By Me
  • Embrace - All You Good Good People
  • Faithless - Don't Leave
  • Radiohead - Karma Police
  • Moby - James Bond Theme
  • PF Project ft. Ewan McGregor - Choose Life
  • Robbie Williams - Lazy Days
  • Ash - A Life Less Ordinary
  • Texas - Black Eyed Boy
  • Meredith Brooks - Bitch
  • Bon Jovi - Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town
  • Ocean Colour Scene - Better Day
  • Cast - I'm So Lonely
  • Conner Reeves - Earthbound
  • Peter Andre - Lonely
  • Boyz II Men - 4 Seasons of Loneliness
That second CD was a pile of utter shit to 14-year old me (and 31 year old me, to be fair). I think the only song I listened to on it was Bitch because I got to say.........well, "bitch"out loud. 

Seriously - have you ever heard this before? Because I haven't!!

Here's my playlist from Now 38, there were only a handful of songs that I liked, hence the selling.


  1. Great collection indeed! These are the songs that I mostly prefer. Its my genre!

    1. 90s music is so much fun to listen to, it's one of my favourite genres too :) x

  2. Ah, I love that you sold this to buy nail polish!! Not much has changed there then!

    I see why you sold it too, nothing stands out to me that I like, bar The Spice Girls. And You Sexy Thing, which is a bit strange that it's the Hot Chocolate version, because around this time the Clockwork cover came out and that's why the song took off. I wonder why they don't have their version on here? On my NOW 47, they have Who Let the Dogs Out, but they don't have BaHa Men singing it but someone else!

    1. I've noticed that with a few of the compilations, odd versions, maybe something to do with licensing or copyright? Although you'd imagine they'd just leave the song off altogether instead of putting up an alternate version!! £5 got 5 Spectacular nail polishes back in the day :D

  3. I'm really enjoying these posts and the trip down memory lane.

    Although I don't remember ever hearing that Conner Reeves song either!

    1. Thanks so much, I love doing them so I'm glad someone enjoys reading them! That Conner Reeves thing is bizarre. A lot of love for it on Youtube, apparently!!


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