Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#IrishBlogCollab Week 5 - Ten Things Under €10


We're now past the halfway point with the #IrishBlogCollab - and this week, the topic is one of my favourites to blog about. It's ten things under a tenner - before I start this, I recently overheard someone say "I'll have to put €20 in the Communion card, you couldn't give a child a tenner" - €10 is more than acceptable for a child under ten years of age. Seriously. I know you'd be inclined to give more to a niece or cousin or whatever but when did we lose the run of ourselves with money? You can still get something nice for a tenner, so don't think it's cheap to put a tenner in a card for a child on a given occasion. IT'S NOT. Or maybe I'm just cheap. Anyway - here are my ten current favourite things that cost under €10!

1. Tesco Flowers

These genuinely bring me so much joy on a Friday. I like buying from Tesco, because they include those little sachets of plant food. At the time of taking that picture, those flowers were eleven days old. ELEVEN DAYS. Brilliant value, and they have a great selection including bigger more elaborate bunches for around €6.99.

2. Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan

I'm very pasty, and most tans look orange on me or go on too heavy. I don't even have great luck with the original Cocoa Brown tan - but this was made for me! It's subtle, it's not orange, it builds up easily, it applies evenly and it doesn't stink. Love it. €5.99 from bajillions of stockists including Tesco and Penneys.

3. Roger and Gallet Fleur de Figuier Hand & Nail Balm

Roger & Gallet sent me their first three hand creams to try out back when they were released, and I've been repurchasing them ever since. There are two recent additions to the range - hand & nail balms in their Fleur de Figuier and Bienfaits scents, which I immediately bought. They're great handcreams, so soft and non-greasy. Definitely one to pick up, I even love the rose one and I am not a fan of rose scented products at all. These cost €6 in my local chemist, prices may vary but not by much.

4. Celtic Candles Wax Melt in Champagne & Pink Grapefruit

Celtic Candles are a very new discovery of mine, mainly because I hadn't come across them locally before. One of my local chemists has started to stock the wax melts, and it was love at first sniff with this one - Champagne & Pink Grapefruit fills the house with a gorgeous warm, sweet scent that lasts up to 30 hours - mine has been lit for days at a time and is still going strong. If you log on to the Celtic Candles website, you can see the full range and snap up 7 of these for €20. The wax melts (remove case before placing in burner) cost €2.99 each.

5. Harpic Power Plus Active Tablets

Stay with me here. We have incredibly limey water - we used to go through a kettle a year until we got one with a covered element. The toilet can look disgusting after a week if we don't keep on top of it, and the limescale seemed to be building up no matter what we did. I picked these up in Tesco to see if they'd make a difference and my god, they did. The toilet looks brand new - pop two tablets in and leave overnight - we used them every second night for a week and the lime came off in one chunk and the rest of it dissolved. This is such an old housewife inclusion but you know what - we all have toilets, presumably we all like 'em clean, so if you're having lime issues, I thoroughly recommend these! €3.69 for a box of 8 in Tesco.

6. Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask

I'd say I've gone through at least 8 of these since I found out about them - they were originally available in Penneys, but they're in some pharmacies now too. I buy mine in Lloyd's. Costing €3.99 for one pair, you pop these on your feet, put socks over them, and relax for 90 minutes. About 5 days after, your feet begin to peel like extreme sunburn (not sore though). When all the dead skin is gone, you're left with baby-soft feet. I love these and I always stock up when I see them! If you can't find them locally, I've bought from this Irish seller on eBay before.

7. Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant Stress Control

I've reviewed this brand before here when I was heavily pregnant with twins - it was the only anti-perspirant that I used. The stuff is magic - this is a new addition to the range, called "Stress Control" and it's just as good as all the rest. This one was sent to me, but others in the range are genuinely my go-to ones anyway, I've repurchased them many, many times. I actually haven't bought a spray since. There's no easy way to approach this, so I'll just say it. I am overweight, therefore I sweat. I do, it's part of carrying extra weight, it's just what happens. I sweat when I go for a walk, I sweat when I rush around, I've always been sweaty, even at school. It's gross and it's horrible but it is what it is - I am sweaty. This stuff would have saved me much self consciousness and worry if it were available when I were a teenager. If you are a fellow sweater, or have a teenager who is prone to sweating, please buy this for them. I feel so much better with it, it really does work. It's currently on offer for €5 in Tesco (until May 18th), regular price €6.99.

8. SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Gel Finish Polishes

When my sister tweeted me to say that Irish blogger Suzanne Jackson was launching her own range of nail polishes, my response was lukewarm. I have hundreds of nail polishes due to a massive collecting phase, so what could be different about these? Well - I picked two shades up when I saw them in my local chemist last week. The 25-strong range of shades is beautiful, and includes some great Summer colours. I chose Rock Candy (dusky pink) and Coral Reef (coral red). I've been wearing Coral Reef now for 3 days, and it has not chipped. Nor do I have any major tipwear. This is unheard of for me - I've had tipwear hours after applying polishes before. The finish is glossy, the bottles look great, and while I may not be a fan of the blog anymore, I love the polishes and will definitely be buying the mint green, nude, and fuschia ones. I have a full review coming as soon as I give them a good go. They are €7.99 each, available from Penneys and pharmacies nationwide.

*Edit: Unfortunately, Coral Reef doesn't seem to be indicative of the rest of the polishes. Rock Candy was difficult to work with and chipped on day 2. I'll have a full review up and I'll link it here when I do.

9. Music Flower 5-Color Blusher

I spotted this on AliExpress (note - it does say "Army Green" in the colour selection but I'm presuming something was lost in translation because it's obviously not green) a while ago and thought it was really cute. It's five blushers in one - three pinks, an orange, and a brown. They're pigmented, they blend well, they're not powdery at all, and they last ages. What more could you want from a box of five blushers for under a tenner? Here's a look at a zoom in on the individual shades, there's a mirror on the lid and a brush in the bottom section (one of those little flat half-moon ones).

10. Penneys Parka in a Pocket

This is just on the €10 mark, but I thought it worthy of inclusion because it's just bloody brilliant. The whole raincoat-in-a-pocket thing is hardly a new innovation, but I've rarely seen one as nice as this. You can shove the entire raincoat into one pocket and zip it up - perfect for festivals or walking when you don't want to carry a big coat with you. Here's what it looks like unfolded:

Size wise, I'm an 18 in pretty much everything from Penneys at the minute, and the L fits me fine and closes comfortably over a vest and cardigan. They also had leopard print ones and khaki ones, but I'm not sure if the khakis were just normal raincoats or foldy-uppy-ones.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the other ladies have chosen today, if you'd like to check their blogs out you can do so here:



  1. I REALLY need to try that foot mask thing! Mine is absolutely shocking condition (not that you or anyone else really needed to know that!)

    1. My own are not much better, Breige!! If I see 'em again I'll pick you up one, need to get the hooves ready for Summer :D

  2. Need that exfoliating foot mask in my life! Good finds.

    1. It's so gross but it's so good! Thanks Zoe x

  3. Loved the post Sharon. Think I'll be trying out the foot mask sounds cool !

    1. Thank you Marie! Enjoying this collab a lot x

  4. some great items there sharon! x

    1. I could have done 20 things under €10, a lot of nice bits & bobs around at the minute :) x

  5. Didn't know Lloyds were selling those foot masks, will have to have a look next time I'm in! Love this post, some seriously good finds and sure we all like to save a bit of cash! x


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