Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Glossybox May 2015


The months are flying, aren't they? Nearly half way through the year already. This is my fifth Glossybox, the theme this month is "Summer's Calling".

I got two full sized products in my box, one mini, and two samples. There were four makeup products in last month's box, so I was glad to see something different this time.

MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand - Full Size, £6.95/€9.63

This was the product I knew I would be getting from the sneak peek last month. Blue is not a colour I'd ever buy for myself, but I'll give it a go. I like that there are two shades of blue, the darker one looks like it could be better on me than the teal. I left this on the table and Edward drew all over his face and hands with the dark blue side - it has good staying power, I'll give it that...

Etre Belle Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel - Full Size, £15.93/€22.08

At this point I almost shudder when I see the words "Aloe Vera" - everyone and their Granny seem to be trying to sell it - this is a moisturizing gel. Apparently it can "deliver moisture deep below the surface" - I'm not sure I believe that, but I do know that Aloe Vera gel is a lifesaver if you've caught the sun. If we ever do get sun again, this will go straight in the fridge to help cool skin down.

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam - Mini Size, £3.99/€5.53

This is interesting, and I don't think we've gotten a hair product yet this year (apart from the mini Dove things that nobody seemed to be impressed by) - this is a shampoo foam that you massage into your hair to clean it, then you towel dry your hair to remove residue. I gave this a go this morning and I was pleasantly surprised - My hair is just below shoulder length at the minute, and I had to use nearly half the bottle, but this is a mini size. When I put it in, it felt like using Shock Waves mousse, I was sure my hair would be crispy - but when I roughed it up with a towel, it was clean, it dried normally, and it had a nice apple scent (the foam also comes in Strawberry). I like this - it would be nice for travelling or festivals. Or laziness. It's not going to do a stellar cleaning job, but it will see you through another day.

SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate - Sample Size, £3/€4.19 approx

I saw people giving out about this on twitter on reveal day but to be honest, I was hoping I'd get it. This is a gel in a pump, containing Salicylic Acid, Aloe Vera (aaagh) and Kelisoft (a hair growth minimizer). It's for your "intimate area" and it's for use after shaving or waxing to minimise regrowth and help prevent ingrown hairs. I'm going to go into TMI territory here so feel free to move on to the last product - I have had two c-sections. Around my scar, it's still pretty numb and strange - it'll probably always be that way. When I do a bit of.....lady gardening, the regrowth around that particular area is a bitch, because no matter how itchy it gets, there's basically not a whole pile I can do - scratching that numb area is about as useful as tits on a bull. Can't feel it. This product seems to have similar ingredients to the Waxperts wonder pads, which I only started using recently for the KP on my arms (they're really good) - if this helps that horrible painfully itchy regrowth in any way, I am one happy lady. Yay for fanny products!

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Refreshing & Refining Moisturizer - Sample Size, 7ml. £3.80/€5.26 approx

I've never tried anything from Philosophy before, so it was nice to be able to try one of their well-liked products. This feels lovely on my skin, I used too much though so this sample would probably last 5/6 applications if I hadn't squeezed loads out. The full size of this is €45.10 at Boots - I think I would purchase it, there really isn't anything I dislike about it. It might be a nice treat to save points up for. The sample could have been a bit bigger, but I am glad that it's just a moisturizer and not some specialized treatment.

The sneak peek for next month tells us that every June box will contain flash tattoos. I don't think I've worn a fake tattoo since the whole barbed wire/chinese symbol craze in the late 90s, but anyway - we'll see.

Here are the stats for the May box:

Total Cost:     £13.25/€18.66 (5c cheaper than last month's box)
Total Value:   £33.67/€46.69

Verdict: I'm happy enough with this box. I always judge a box on what will actually be used - and I can see the Aloe gel being used after sun, plus the moisturiser, shampoo and Sass gel. The only thing I wouldn't be mad on is the colour of the eyeliner - but I'll give it a shot anyway, so overall this was a good box. This is why I signed up to Glossybox - to try different things and different brands, not for Dove and Carmex - so if it continues in this way I'll definitely keep my subscription.

Did you get Glossybox this month? Did you get anything different in your box?


  1. Aloe Vera; what is the story here? It has SOOTHING properties on your tummy and burns etc but it doesn't help you lose weight and it doesn't give your skin any extra moisture. Rage face! This looks like a good little haul. I only ever got a glossybox once and was super unimpressed so it's good to see they have improved since then.

    1. Oh I don't know!! I've a family member trying to pawn it off on me all the time, Aloe toothpaste?! No!!!! I have an Aloe plant that I've always used to soothe burns/nicks/cuts, or to take the pain out of an accidental sunburn. This whole detox thing is nonsense, I heard a GP saying on a health programme that the juice has a laxative effect, it's like an Aloe cult!! I was happy with this box, I know other people won't be, but I have enough lipstick and lip balm, it was nice to try new innovative things like the sass gel and the foam shampoo. x

  2. I wasn't really impressed with this month's box at all. OH even noticed how I had left it in the corner all day yesterday! Jealous you got Philosophy, always wanted to try that brand, instead I got a peach lippy! Cancelled my sub but still have the June box to go with the god forsaken tattoos!!

    1. Ah Im sorry you didn't like it, it does seem to be a love/hate box - I definitely will get more use out of this one than last month's one! Very dubious about the tattoos, the rest of the box would want to be fairly bloody good to make up for that being a main item...

  3. I'm gonna have to get that SASS stuff now after your hilarious review. I agree, yay for fanny products! LOL
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    1. At least it wasn't another lip balm :D :D :D x

  4. Yay for fanny products! - I nearly choked on my tea..... lol
    I enjoy these posts, i love the idea of getting the lovely box every month.. but i'm crap for trying new things, so i know it would be wasted on me.. all the bits would sit in their box looking pretty!!

    1. I think I can be a bit like that when I buy anything!! I lust after things and then wear no makeup at all for a week! I do like Glossybox, but if the exchange rate goes near the €20 I'd definitely have to think about it. x

  5. ohhhh that eyeliner would be a hard one to pull off, funny choice for them to put in. i've only ever ordered glossybox once and wasn't impressed </3 xx


    1. It has gotten a lot better by the looks of some of the reviews from last year, I was gutted when Powderpocket and Chic Treat Club finished here, it would be a lot cheaper to get the Irish ones! Yeah the eyeliner is definitely not a one-shade-suits-all shade, I tried the darker side yesterday and it was okay but not something I'd wear everyday x


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