Monday, April 20, 2015

Swatched - Essie Resort Collection 2015

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Every year, Essie releases a "Resort Collection" around this time. It's a capsule collection of four polishes, usually bright pastels or spring colours that all compliment each other. This years collection is no different - four staple colours that will go with just about anything.

Once again, I decided to go for the mini polishes because I'm not getting value from the larger bottles - I've never finished a nail polish. With these, there's much more of a chance of me making a dent in them. On to the swatches!

First up is Suite Retreat, and it was a one-coater. It's a lovely dusky blurple that I thought was similar to a Sleek polish I have (it's not) or Essie Butler Please (it's really not). It can look blue or purple depending on the light, it's almost grape under artificial light. Formula was perfect, no issues.

Up next is Cocoa Karma - a lovely light coffee coloured brown. This was also a one-coater, and is a gorgeous dusty light brown that looks like a strange choice for this time of year, but I'll show you in a minute why it's probably my favourite. No application issues on this either.

This goes with so many colours and is the perfect compliment to the blue and white striped combo that seems to crop up every Spring:

Next is a great coral colour with an even better name - Stones n' Roses. This was a little harder to work with, I found it a little streaky and it needed three coats to even out properly. But it was worth it, it's a great colour.

Lastly is my least favourite of the bunch - Time For Me Time is a sheer pink with slight shimmer in the bottle that barely transfers to the nail. It's hard to build up, I still had visible nail line after three coats. It was reminiscent of the O.P.I NYC Ballet collection from a couple of years ago. It would make a nice bridal polish, or a great layering polish with glitter, but it's not my cup of tea at all unfortunately.

I bough mine from CBNailstore on eBay (my second trusted Essie seller after Beautyzone2007) - it was around €17, the Dollar and Euro are pretty much neck and neck at the minute which is a bit of a nuisance. I couldn't find this mini set for sale in Ireland, but the full sizes are available at Boots and Pharmacies nationwide for €9.99 each.


  1. I think suite retreat is my fave here. I like the brushes on these, well if they have the same as a winter collection minis I had a year or so ago :P

  2. those colours are amazing! i've never seen anything like them!


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