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#IrishBlogCollab Week 4 - Guest Post!


This week, the #IrishBlogCollab topic was to write a guest post for one of the other bloggers doing the challenge. I was paired up with Denise from Dee-termined to Glam and Glow, and I'm delighted to host her post here today. Please show her some love!

This week for the #IrishBlogCollab we will each be doing a guest post on someone else's blog. I was lucky to be paired with Sharon from Thanks Sharon for having me!

I had my first child in June 2014 and I found that I was bombarded with information on everything from buggies to the birth to what not to give your baby and the list goes on. I found the whole thing very intimidating and overwhelming. Everyone that I spoke to had a different input and would tell me something new or give me a list of things that I just HAD to get for the baby. It was rare, and I mean rare, that I would be told about something that I did not need to get or do in preparation for the baby's arrival.

Apart from the obvious, like nappies, wipes, bottles, buggy etc, I have compiled a list below of what I found to be my essentials.

Plastic Backed Bibs - My son used to spew a lot and so the regular bibs were no good as they would just soak through, but I found the plastic backed bibs to be a lifesaver.

Terry Towelling Cloths- I had 30 of these (Yes, 30!). As I mentioned, Colin used to spew a lot and I found I was never without one of these cloths. I found them much better than the muslin cloths for soakage. The ones that I got were actually advertised as the "Reusable Nappies" and I got them in a pack of 15 from Guineys.

C-Shaped Pillow - I found this to be great. I had Colin by vacuum so I was extremely sore and the C-shaped pillow was the only comfortable thing to sit on for 6 weeks! It's also great for feeding your baby.

Scratch Mittens/Socks - Most babies need scratch mittens and Colin was no different, however I would often just use socks as they seemed to stay on his hands a bit better than the mittens.

Nursing Bra and Breast Pads (if Breast Feeding) - I would have been lost without the breast pads.

Here's my list of non-essentials:

The Baby's Room - Realistically, the baby is not going to be in their own room until he/she is 6 months old at the earliest, so having the perfect room is not an essential requirement.

Baby Monitor - Initially we did not need one because the baby was always by our sides and we have a tiny house but as he got older and began to roll and move around, we bought a Motorola Video Monitor and I find it great now.

Talc - I bought tons of this because good marketing told me that I needed to, but it is not something that is generally used on babies anymore. I was advised against using it when I was in the hospital, so I have 6 tubs of it at home that I am trying to use on myself just so it doesn't go to waste!

Shoes - I have 5 pairs of shoes at home for Colin, who is 10 months old, and he does not wear them. He is still only crawling so shoes are not essential at the moment. He just pulls them off whenever I try to put them on him!

Pregnancy Books - As they say, "each to their own", but for me I had no interest in reading baby books. To be honest, they scared me because I was already given so much information in the form of leaflets from the doctors and midwives. Baby books can be great for reference purposes but they are not an essential when having a baby.

So that's it! I hope that you enjoyed my essential and non-essential items for new mothers, and hopefully it will have helped in some way. Thanks again Sharon for letting me write this post for Behind Green Eyes. You can check out Sharon's post for the #IrishBlogCollab over on Dee-Termined to Glam & Glow.

Thanks so much Denise for a great post! You can check out the other bloggers taking part in the #IrishBlogCollab here:



  1. Thanks so much Denise! I'm with you on the talc, I bought so much of it and I've never gone near a baby with it, I use it on runners now!! Baby shoes are so cute but so useless, my lads are nearly 19 months and it's a struggle to keep shoes on them so I definitely would not recommend baby shoes for under ones! Great idea on the terry towels, wish I'd have thought of that, one of my boys was very pukey!

    1. I was just gonna suggest using the talc up on runners! Love the smell of the stuff, but find it mad drying on skin.

  2. Same here with the talc! I don't even know it's purpose to be fair....

  3. Good advice! I bought everything, and I mean everything, whilst pregnant and I had constant buggy/bouncer/cot envy :-) Of course I've an attic full of stuff I don't know what to do with now!
    Becca | theBeautyInbox


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