Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Am The Mum Who...


This tag is doing the rounds at the minute, thank you to Denise for the nomination!

- has three sons.
- had two C-sections (one due to placenta abruption, one due to twins lying arseways).
- stopped smoking almost three years ago.
- doesn't drink alcohol anymore.
- loves to read and hopes my boys will be readers (the 10yo is, woop!).
- was told the twins were twins when I was 28 weeks pregnant!
- spends most of her time at home and would be lost without the internet.
- is addicted to buying makeup and stationery.
- loves to sing.
- is a little strict as a parent.
- always has fresh flowers in the kitchen window.
- loves to buy kitchen gadgets and bowls/dishes/mugs.
- uses a travel mug for coffee (decaff) every day despite not leaving the house.
- tells my boys I love them a million times a day.
- loves bedtime but peeps in on the boys to watch them sleeping.
- does not iron.
- frequently forgets to wash the school uniform at the weekend.
- is obsessive over my boys cleaning their teeth.
- recognises my own stubbornness in two of my children - uh oh!
- is intimidated by other Mammies and their grown-up-ness.
- is very thankful for my three healthy boys but is finished having children.
- loves cooking healthy dinners but loves mexican more.
- throws laundry into piles and can never find anything.
- isn't very religious but believes the boys' Grandads are looking out for them.
- doesn't really go out at night anymore.
- doesn't really want to.

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  1. I loved this Sharon xx

  2. Sharon this is so lovely and if possible I would love to take part please xx

  3. I love this post! I can relate to the thinking other mammies are more grown up than yourself. My little girl is four in June and I still feel like I'm pretending at being a mam :-)
    Becca | theBeautyInbox


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