Friday, March 6, 2015

Jewellery and Makeup from Born Pretty Store

***Disclosure: I was sent three products of my own choosing for review. Opinion 100% honest.***


Recently, I was offered some products from Born Pretty Store to try out. Given the issue I had before with lack of time to do adequate nail posts, I was delighted this time when I saw that the products to choose from included makeup and jewellery. I buy a lot of fashion jewellery from eBay, so I was interested to see how Born Pretty Store compared.

First up, I chose this bracelet: Double Heart Designed Bracelet Rhinestone Bracelet.

For $1.99, this was nice. Unfortunately it was miles too big for my wrist. Initially, when I put it on it went halfway up my arm. I was able to push each side in to adjust it to fit, and it didn't break when I put pressure on it. It's every bit as good as what you would buy in Penneys. I'd say a few of these stacked together would be lovely if you're into that kind of Alex and Ani type of look, but this one in particular was huge so do check sizes.

Next up is a lipliner - given my current obsession with lining my lips, this was a no-brainer. I picked this one: Waterproof Lasting Lip Liner Nude Pink.

There are three shades available - 04, a light rose pink; 06, a pinky mauve, and 09, a darker rose pink. I chose shade 04.

This was really nice - very similar in colour to Rimmel's Eastend Snob. It lasted ages and wasn't hard or dragging on the skin. It retails at $3.13.

LOOK at how dry my face was - that was one day of skipping my whole skincare routine due to tiredness and taking off makeup with a wipe. Hello hydraphase! Anyway - this colour of liner was a great match for my lips, better than some of the liners I've bought recently. It wore off within a couple of hours, but I have yet to find a budget one that doesn't.

The last product I chose was shade 04 in this: Blue Diamond Moisture Long Lasting Lip Stick.

The packaging on this lipstick was stunning - it came boxed, with one of those really cute not-quite-right statements.

The shade I chose was a really pretty light coral colour.

It felt lovely and moisturising on my lips, wasn't drying at all, and lasted ages. The colour was vibrant without being too in-your-face - this has gone straight into my handbag.

For $3.99, this is a definite winner.

So - overall, I was very impressed with the lip products. I could take or leave the bracelet, but it's the same quality as anything I've bought on eBay. I wouldn't hesitate to order some other jewellery, I'm actually going to place a small order for a few other things that have caught my eye. The necklace section is just droolworthy - all those little dainty triple layer chains, they've got 'em by the bucketload, along with a gorgeous selection of statement pastel necklaces for under a fiver each.

The only downside I have about ordering is the amount of time it takes for the products to arrive here, it's a good 3-4 week wait but if you're in the market for some nice budget items that you can't find in shops, then you'll be happy. I suspect that my package may have been delayed due to Chinese New Year, because I know I have received things in under 3 weeks before.

If you would like to order from Born Pretty Store, you can use my code to get 10% off.

I don't benefit from that personally in any way, but I qualify to host a giveaway if it's used a few times (I think it's ten).

You can check out the jewellery section on the site here, and the makeup section here. The site offers free worldwide shipping - or you can upgrade to registered and tracked for around $3! I'll give you a look at the stuff I ordered when it arrives, hopefully it won't be too long a wait.


  1. Nice post and very detailed. I love the bracelet very much!

  2. Coral lipstick is very cute - never worn coral before. Great value too X
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    1. It really is great value, wasn't expecting much from the lipstick but it is lovely!


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