Monday, March 30, 2015

Glossybox March 2015


This is the third Glossybox of 2015 - already!

In this month's box, there were six products - three full sizes and three half sizes. The theme for March is "Step Into Spring". 

Now I'm not getting the theme here - it doesn't look very Spring-like at all, but we'll have a look at the individual items.

Naobay Moisturizing Peeling - full size £13.71/€18.74
Moisturizing peeling WHAT? If I hadn't read the little card in the box and then googled, I wouldn't have a clue what this was. There are no instructions or ingredients listed on the tube, which is surprising given this is a full size. This was the big ticket item in the March box, the one that was previewed last month. Apparently, this is a peeling facial milk that should be applied to damp skin and gently massaged. I know too little about it to get excited and therefore won't be putting it on my face. Still not actually sure what it is. An exfoliator? A polisher? A peeler? Not a clue. How long do you leave it on for? Should you use moisturizer afterwards? How often can it be used? Instructions, folks. Plenty of room on the tube. Yes, it has a very nice wooden lid, but I couldn't give a shite what the lid is made from, when I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara - full size £3.30/€4.09
I like Essence mascaras (they have one in a silver squeezy tube that's fantastic) but I hadn't tried this. I'll show you the "cobra-shaped" wand and a swatch first, then tell you what I think.

Two coats of Lash Princess vs no mascara:

I didn't like this. At all. It will take a close-up to show you why:

I found the wand an awkward shape to work with, every time I tried to get in to the base of my lashes I hit my eyelid, resulting in that black mascara goop on top and bottom eyelids. The minute I put the second coat on it stuck my lashes together - the wand was heavily loaded with product, you can see on my top lashes how thick that is after just two coats. There's only one coat on the bottom lashes, and while they are blacker and longer (and look fine from a distance), check out that fallout under my eye. I seem to be very much in the minority on this one - I have read several great reviews (including Cindy's one here in which her lashes look fantastic) but this just isn't for me.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Youthful Vitality Shampoo & Conditioner - Sample Sizes, 50ml - approx. £1.20/€1.64 each
AGH. No. I don't like hair samples in beauty boxes. Granted, these are better than single use sachets, but hair care is such a personal thing. I'm not mad about Dove as a hair brand - just from my own experience - but I'll pass these on to a family member who travels a lot, they're a great size for a weekend away.

Emite Micronized Eye Shadow in "Nect" - Sample Size, 1.48g - approx £7.10/€9.71
This is nice - buttery soft, neutral, oil-free, and very wearable. It's not shimmery, it could actually be used as a highlighter too, it's a really nice shade from the Swedish brand Emite. Micronized just means that it's very finely milled, and very highly pigmented due to the process the brand use.

This is nice, I will use it. I think this was the alternate item for those of us who didn't get a nail polish in the box.

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm - Berry Tint. Full Size, £4.49/€6.14
Speaking of alternate items, some people got a Sleek Pout Paint. I got a Carmex. I haven't used Carmex in years, I was happy to see that this was in a tube rather than a pot. It has a subtle berry tint:

HOWEVER. Despite containing "superfood" ingredients like Vitamin E, Aloe, and Shea Butter, it also contains menthol, which overpowers every other ingredient to give a tingly feeling - responsible, I'd wager, for that "lip enhancing effect" mentioned on the card in the box. I try to stay as far away from menthol as possible when it comes to lip products, mainly because by the time the product wears off, my lips feel dryer than they were initially.

Overall, maybe I'm just a grumpy nitpicky bitch, but I didn't enjoy this box at all. The only thing I will use is the eyeshadow, and even that's just a neutral pigmented eyeshadow, nothing special. This is the first box out of three that I've been disappointed with, so we're still 2-1 up - but if the next one is as bad as this, I'll be seriously rethinking my rolling subscription.

Total Price Including Delivery: £13.25/€18.11

Total Value: £30.69/€41.96

Verdict: Poor


  1. Oh I quite like the princess mascara lol would you recommend signing up to glossy box?

    1. Not on the basis of this one anyway, Sara! I did like the Jan & Feb boxes a lot though, only gave away one product between the two of them. I'd say if you want to take the risk with the €18 or whatever it is (exchange rates vary every month, but it's always under €20 with postage) then it's a fun way to discover new things. Plus it comes by post which is always easier than courier!

  2. oh no!!! I love that mascara, I'm sorry you don't like it!

    1. I don't know why it doesn't work for me - the formula almost seems a bit dry, maybe I got a dud? I just thought that it really clumped and flaked right from the off, I've seen so many good reviews that I'd nearly buy another one from Penneys and compare it. Your review was so good! I was gutted when it didn't work for me.

  3. I think you're right I don't think I'd be overly impressed with that selection!

    1. I think it's a bit of a letdown when you're expecting something new and different and the lid comes off to reveal Dove, Carmex and Essence! I know that Essence wasn't available in the UK until recently so it's like when Wet n Wild or NYX came here - so I get why that was in there, but Dove? Carmex? Nope! Not impressed at all.

  4. I've seen this around and wasn't impressed. Those Dove samples? Nope. If you're gonna do a sample, it better be from a luxe brand. Anything budget better be full size!

    I'm craving the French one, My Little Box. Absolutely cannot afford it every month, but the heart wants what it wants!

    1. Ahh I've seen that one! I keep calling it My Little Hat Box in my head. I love how they have a theme but I don't think I'd subscribe, I'm a hoor for makeup even if I won't use it so I wouldn't appreciate the beautiful French-ness of the illustrations and little motivations messages! Very cute though, there's a blog called On My Way that does great reviews of them. Think it's On My Way By Marie.

      Nope, the Dove samples did NOT go down well. I think it's lazy to promise 6 products and have two of them be samples from the same brand, it's like that Mario Badescu stuff that crops up as a GWP or an incentive with subscriptions every now and again.

  5. I'd be so disappointed with this box.. had to laugh at the 'moisturising peeling'.. who doesn't want a bit of that?!
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    1. Yes!!!! How can something peel AND moisturise?! Baffling.

  6. I'm so sorry this was a crap box for you :/ Gave up my sub to it about a year ago. That mascar in particular looked just feckin awful on the lashes! And I wouldn't have thought such a 'cheap' low end brand like Essence would be in Glossy Box. Thats a bit of a let down to say the least! xx

    1. I can understand why Essence was in there because it just came to the UK, I think we've been spoiled by it here for years - but the hair samples, yuck!! Carmex, yuck!!``


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