Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cute Find - MDF Laser Cut Plaque Decorations.


I came across these MDF laser cut plaques while I was looking on eBay for something to decorate the twins room with. The seller is based in Ireland, and the plaques are really reasonable for the quality.

This was the one I chose, here's the picture from the listing:

I was delighted when it arrived, it looked exactly like the picture.

It arrived in a brown flat cardboard box - be careful when you're taking it out. The MDF is quite light, and if you pick an intricate design like I did, you can break it if you apply pressure to any of the delicate parts like the stars. I broke that star attached to the capital "L" but it didn't come off, I just painted over it.

I had great fun painting it, I used acrylics for the letters and stars, and nail art pens for the outlines. I wanted to stick to traditional superhero colours, so chose blue, yellow and red.

It doesn't have anything on the back to stick it up, but you could use thumbtacks to attach some string to hang it up, or some foam picture hangers. You could also use a thin nail through a loop on the bottom and one on the top, or you could use superglue to attach it to a press or shelf.

There are some stunning looking plaques available, you can check out the whole range here - they have lovely stuff for all occasions.

This wasn't sponsored or anything, I just really, really liked this and wanted to spread the word.


  1. its fab.. and your paint job makes it even better

  2. Replies
    1. I thought they were so cute for decorations, would love to be able to cut stuff out like that!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm going to have to block that website soon, disaster... there are too many nice things!!! xx

  4. Sharon that is a fab idea for anyone! Really love how you painted it and used your nail painting artistic side while doing it :-) x

    1. Ah thanks Danielle, it was a lot of fun to paint x

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    1. They're such a great idea, there are loads of song lyrics and slogan ones, think they would be nice for a wedding gift too! x

  6. Just sent this to a friend of mine who has three boys like you. It's gorgeous. You did a great job painting it!

  7. This is so cute Sharon! Must take a peep, would love a couple of the wedding!


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