Friday, February 6, 2015

Weight Loss Update #1


So - we're into February, which means it's time for an update. I had such a great response to my initial post (here) - so how did January go?


There is a reason I haven't cracked this weight thing yet - I am completely addicted to food. I have the kind of personality that gets hooked on things for very short periods of time, then my interest wanes and I drop it like a hot potato ( potatoes........). It's a blessing I never started gambling.

Take January, for example. I went into January all guns blazing, convinced that clean eating was the way to go - and promptly began gorging on peanut butter, oatcakes and nuts. My husband discovered that the local chinese takeaway do these little snack box type things full of smoked chicken, chilli wings and hot chips for a fiver - so we were having one of those between us every week too. Or sometimes twice a week. I convinced myself that because I was eating "good" stuff, the occasional treat was okay - I bought a bar of 75% dark chocolate, broke off a square, and had that one day. Then I had the rest of it about two hours later. That "occasional" treat became a regular thing. Then I decided that food wasn't a treat, so I went mad buying makeup. I'd spend an hour looking at lipstick swatches while shovelling handfuls of popcorn and pumpkin seeds into my gob - mindless eating. I tried smoothies and soups and became obsessed - I assume it's not a great sign to be thinking of a Nutribullet during sex!

At the end of January, I had to buy clothes - there was no way around it, I was down to one pair of trousers. After making a New Look order full of size 18 clothes yet again, I felt like shit. This time three years ago I filled a bag with size 18 clothes and happily donated them to clearout, swearing I'd never buy that size again. I felt so, so angry at myself, and really frustrated. WHY can't I crack this?! It's just food! Why can't I get a handle on it?!

Back to Slimming World I went - I bought a new notebook (none of the current 17 ones I have were suitable), I bought new gel pens (because the notebook needed pretty pens) and I started a food diary again. I bought snacks that I could have in the evening, guilt-free.

My total weight loss for January was....................

2 lbs. 

I was going to lie and say I was down 7 or 8, but lying to myself is what got me to this point initially, so honesty it is.

February has been  good, so far. I've been writing out food plans, I've been cooking meals from scratch, and I've been incorporating snacks into my day and using around 10-13 Syns a day. I've been making good use of my slow cooker, and I have a list of things to cook at the weekend so that I will have lunches all next week. That's another huge mistake I was making - because I'm at home all day, I wasn't having lunch. Now I'm having a proper lunch at 1pm every day, and it's making a difference to how I feel in the evenings. I've also cut down a bit on bread, but I'm going to make some small wholemeal scones this weekend to have with veggie soup instead of green leaves - if I eat any more rocket I will launch.

I've found that the days I photographed my meals were some of the better ones, so here are a few of the meals I've had lately. I also joined instagram with a view to uploading some meal pictures, but I keep forgetting I have it. I'm here if you want to follow and see photos of double chins and mugs of tea.

Half an Avocado mashed on two slices of wholemeal bread, with microwave eggs (2 eggs, dash of skim milk, stir, microwave for 90sec) with spring onion and pepper.

Wholegrain rice with Chicken marinated in Nando's sauce, with mushroom and onion.

Slimming World cottage pie with 45g ready-to-use puff pastry (8 syns) and brussels sprouts, peas and sweetcorn. 

4 wholegrain ryvita crispbread (4 Syns) with extra light philadelphia, smoked salmon, tomatoes, 2 clementines and a mugshot. 

Rocket, spinach and watercress with jacket potato & tuna/onion/extra light mayo, slice of ham, tomatoes and cocktail gherkins. Mugshot. 

Wholegrain rice with prawns, grated carrot, mushroom, onion, sprig onion, yellow peppers. 

Spinach, Watercress & Rocket with leftover pulled pork and tomatoes, spring onions, balsamic vinegar. Mugshot. 

Spinach, watercress, rocket, tomato, beetroot, hard boiled egg, spring onion, gherkins, hot smoked salmon. Mugshot. 

Egg muffins (egg/skim milk/ham/spring onion done in muffin cases in Airfryer), mushrooms, Wholemeal slimbo with cherry tomatoes, peppermint tea. 

With regard to snacks, here are the ones I go back to most often:

* 25g pumpkin seeds tossed in frylight and put in the airfryer until brown - 7.5 Syns.
* Cadbury Freddo Bar - 5 Syns.
* Propercorn Sweet & Salty, 23g bag - 6.5 Syns.
* Popchips, Sour Cream & Onion, 23g bag (I think) - 5 Syns.
* Tesco Light Choices Chocolate Mousse (comes in a 6 pack of little pots) - 4 Syns.

I am sick of Curly Wurlys and never want to see another one. Ever.

The first real test so far since I gave myself a(nother) kick up the arse was last week, when we had gone to town early in the evening. My husband had to go somewhere at 6pm, and we were heading home around 4:45pm - he wanted to stop for a burger so I told him I had eaten. In truth I was ravenous, I could have eaten him - but I waited until we got home, threw on a boil-in-the-bag wholegrain rice and grilled some mini chicken fillets. By the time he had eaten his big dirty chicken burger and chips that smelled delicious, my food was ready. Is there a halo for me? For being sensible? I hate that this was a big thing. This is a normal thing to do, yet for me it was something that warranted praise like a child.

I don't have this worked out yet - but I'm taking it one day at a time, and hopefully the March update will be a little more impressive.

Goals for March:
* Stick to 3 meals, 2 snacks every day.
* Get over the obsession with instant gratification. One bowl of salad will not result in a half a stone loss.
* Get off my arse and start moving.


  1. I love your honesty in this post, Sharon.

    I'm heavier than I have been in years. That's not helped by the fact that weight gain is a side effect of some medication I'm on. But I realised that I was leaning into that as an excuse to basically binge on junk food, which wasn't doing me any good. So, I'm trying to make some changes. For me that means, making sure I eat three meals a day, cooking from scratch more and choosing healthier snacks.

    I bought a few cook books over Christmas and while I am not going down the full on sugar-free and/or paleo (I find having to be gluten-free difficult enough, at times) route there are some great recipes in them. So, I'm using the recipes but taking most of the claims from elsewhere in these books with a large pinch of salt. So far, so good.

    1. I did that while I was pregnant - I wasn't as bad as I could have been, but I definitely overindulged because I knew I'd be putting on weight anyway. I read somewhere that all I actually needed extra per day was something like the equivalent of two pieces of toast?! The cook books are a great idea, boredom is a huge issue with me, I get sick of the same things. x

  2. There IS a halo for you! I was once told to stop moving the goal posts once I've scored, meaning that you shouldn't want to do something, do it, and then belittle the success.

    Delighted for you, Sharon! Good luck this month :)

  3. I love your honesty and fair play to you for sticking at it xo

    1. Thanks lovely, hopefully 2015 will be the year I crack it xx

  4. The comment on the nutribullet cracked me up! I hope himself doesn't read the blog :P
    Fair play for being so honest. You are a very strong person and I know you will get the hang of things . x

    1. Ah I'd say he thinks about tractors! ;-) Thanks Róisín xx

  5. 2lbs loss is better than a 2lbs gain :)

    1. Another way to look at it, thanks lady xx

  6. Like someone else said, 2lbs loss is better than gain. It's small, it's slow and it's frustrating but you're still moving towards your goal! Keep going, I know you can do it!

  7. I know how disappointed you're feeling bridie, but already you've decided to draw a line under it and take February by the horns. It'd be so easy to just say feck it and go back to your old ways but you've decided to learn from it and I wish you all the best this month!

    I'm back at SW too after taking a few months off and lost focus and I know it must be hard with you and the kids but if there was any way at all you could go to a class, it's great craic and really motivating. I found that when I knew I wasn't going to class on a Monday, my brain would instantly flick a switch and I'd be thinking well sure I have a whole extra week to lose anything I might put on now. It's something I'll always struggle with myself. It's the ultimate mind game. Everyone in my class knows what they should and shouldn't be having and what they need to to to lose weight and yet everyone struggles. So I've started noting those little triumphs. Like yesterday when I was craving a takeaway and made a stir fry. It was just that little moment of feeling like I was in control and I know I'm not always going to have those moments, so I need to embrace them when they happen!

    One of the girls at class the other day was raging that she'd only lost half a pound but was then reminded by her friend that she was able to fit into a pair of jeans she hadn't worn in ages. And it's little things like that that'll keep you going once you gain momentum. The first few weeks are always the hardest and I have absolute faith you'll get cracking this month bridie :)

    1. You know, I can pinpoint the exact time I gave up at WW. I know there was a lot going on that year with deaths/marriages/surprise pregnancies etc but the day I knew I wasn't going back to a class was the day I gave up. I dunno about going to a SW, have to look it up and see if there's any way I could get to one, I joined online for a while and it was great to get the stuff initially but I found the support desperate. Because if I didn't feel like opening email or weighing in, I wouldn't bother. I know that some of the consultants ring/text etc too so that would be a help. See I get SO pissed off at myself because I have done this before. I plodded along and lost 1.5lbs a week for months until people started commenting that I looked slimmer. I wish to god I'd kept all my diaries for that time just to see how I did it on a daily basis. Anyway - thanks Karen, best of luck to you too, you're flying xx

  8. A loss is a loss. And better 2 down than 2 up. I know just how hard it is, I am facing the same long journey and I have an addictive personality too which makes it harder. But when you can't let go of something, you know it's important to you. We can both do it!

    1. Thanks Trish. It's always all or nothing, isn't it? I'm the same with everything - nail polish, makeup, lipstick, books, dvds - I want them all, now. Best of luck xxx

  9. Every little bit of weight loss is something! And remember if you do it too fast it won't last anyway. (all your food pics made me really hungry by the way)

    1. No danger of me doing it too fast, that's for sure! This month has been really good so far so I am hopeful :) x

  10. Your honesty is so refreshing. Like you, I must have a drawer full of food diaries and a wardrobe filled with every size. My pre-pregnancy wardrobe still mocks me.. three and half years after my child was born! Good luck in March X
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    1. Thanks so much Becca xx It's amazing how fast time goes, my twins are almost 18 months old so I definitely can't keep saying "I've just had babies" - I could have had another one since! xx

  11. Your Halo is in th post Shazza. I go through phases of doing decent meals and then someone gets sick and it all goes out of the window and its chocolate digestives for breakfast lunch and a pre-dinner snack and dessert...

    But I've stopped buying all the bad stuff and while the kids are not impressed that there is very little in the way of "Treats" in the house it is making a difference. But the loss is S-L-O-W. As the girls say though, a loss is a loss, I'm down about 3kgs, but at a rate of 200g a week.

    I'm using My Fitness Pal to keep a track of my calorie intake (1250 per day), and I am trying to make sure that I drink LOADS of water and get at least 30 minutes of some sort of exersize every day and twice on Saturdays. (sex and vigorously vacuuming the house counts as long as I work up a good sweat ) I am not particularly strict on the weekends, but come sunda afternoon I am back planning and making sure that I have enough proper food to make decent balanced meals for the week.

    Good Luck though Doll-face! You are doing well. Keep going!


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